Platinum metallicum | Profound Depression

“If the whole feature of this remedy can be expressed in one word, it is sensitiveness. We find this illustrated in both the mental and physical side of the patient. The patient is like some sort of a volatile, highly combustible oil that ignites on the least spark.”
N.M. Choudhuri, ‘A Study on Materia Medica’

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left ventricle heart

Kalium carbonicum | Cardiac Insufficiency

“To understand this remedy, we must refer to the role of potassium, an essential element in our intracellular life. Our cells contain high levels of potassium, while the extracellular medium contains high levels of sodium. The sodium-potassium pump in the cellular membranes works constantly to concentrate potassium within the cells and to expel sodium, a process indispensable for maintaining life. For this to occur, a great amount of fuel in the form of sugar (glucose) is necessary. At birth, after the umbilical cord is cut, glucose is no longer brought into the body through the blood. The sodium-potassium pump does not function as well as usual. The level of potassium falls within the cells, followed by anxiety that the cells may die. The newborn cries. The mother feeds the child at the breast or with a bottle, and everything is back in order. But Kali carbonicum infants resent others for the fact that they are suddenly so dependent. Their resulting ambivalence toward the relationship leads them to reject the company of others once their appetite is satisfied.”

Dr Didier Grangeorge, ‘The Spirit of Homeopathic Medicines’

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Homeopathy | Urinary Retention in Children

This article follows the string about urinary retention, with focus on cases of children. Here are presented few remedies which successfully will bring relief from the acute stage of this disorder. The aftereffects should be treated constitutionally.

Children are very sensitive to external stimuli. Whether it comes to environment or climate conditions, emotional stress, strong fright or excessive joy, overplay in the park or envy with the little brother or sister and so on; but the impact on the delicate little organism might be severe. Especially with the uro-genital system the consequences should not be underestimated. Continue reading


Spasmodic Retention of Urine | Part Two

The second part of the article for spasmodic retention of urine continues the exposure of the most prominent remedies for retention of urine due to spasmodic disorders or paralysis of the bladder.

Paralysis & Spasmodic Affections of the Bladder


Causticum cures paralysis of the bladder which aroused after labor, and also due to forcible retention of urine resulting in over-extension of the bladder. This remedy has in its pathogenesis many paralytic conditions, and is well known therapeutic for such complaints. Continue reading


Spasmodic Retention of Urine | Part One

This is the first one from the new upcoming series of articles, focused on the most important homeopathic remedies for retention of urine. The present article starts with the cases where the passing of urine is obstructed by mechanical injuries, spasmodic disorders and paralysis of the bladder.

Retention of Urine | Description

The retention of urine is a condition in which the secreted urine in the kidneys cannot be passed out. It is a dangerous condition because if the urine passage cannot be reinstated, there might be serious consequences for the kidneys, the heart and the lungs. Continue reading


The Constitution in Homeopathy | How to Use It When Prescribing

The ability of the prescriber to notify those characteristics in his patient, which outline the miasm, the constitution, and the current active disease, is of utmost importance in the homeopathic case-taking.
One of the headstones in the homeopathic treatment is the determination of individual’s constitution. Constitution always matters in homeopathic prescription, even if the respective case has been treated from etiological, isopathical, miasmatical or pathological angle for identifying the right remedy. By knowing the patient’s constitution homeopaths have a basement for making a prognosis of the case development as well as for the further homeopathic remedies that might next be needed by the patient; that is especially valid in chronic cases.

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