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Schuessler Salts | FAQ & Facial Analysis

In addition to general and specific articles on biochemical therapy, this one offers some additional guidance on choice and application of tissue salts. Frequently Asked Questions About Biochemical Remedies Dosage The recommended doze for tissue salts is 1 tablet, three times daily. These tablets might also be diluted in a glass of water, and taken at ...
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Biochemical Therapy for Nursing Period

Natural feeding is great for both nurslings and mothers. Breast feeding is a gift from nature, the most beneficial life start for everyone. Though its natural character however, breast feeding can be a challenge, especially for new mothers. Soon after giving birth, mothers are emotionally unstable, exhausted and debilitated. To all these are added sore cracked ...
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pregnancy salts

Schuessler Salts | Biochemical Supplements for Pregnancy & Maternity

Pregnancy, delivery and nursing are challenging periods in life. These are the moments when minerals get rapidly exhausted and balance of the cells gets disturbed. Problem is that cells constantly strive to keep the few quantity of mineral ingredients left, and can neither accept the necessary nutrients (even if you are trying to bring them ...
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MM cham

Short Materia Medica for Rhinitis

Acute Homeopathic Guide for Self Prescribing Following the Short Rhinitis Repertory this page contains description of main features of the acute remedies included there. Stress is placed on their specific symptoms in coryza; but also on some of their general & emotional essence for differentiation of one remedy from the others. Aconitum napellus Wolf’s bane, ...
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    Tendons of the wrist

    Homeopathic Treatment of Tendonitis

    This article presents four homeopathic remedies, well proven in the treatment of joint affections and tendonitis in particular. Causes & ...
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    left ventricle heart

    Kalium carbonicum | Cardiac Insufficiency

    “To understand this remedy, we must refer to the role of potassium, an essential element in our intracellular life. Our cells contain high levels of potassium, while the extracellular medium contains high levels of sodium. The sodium-potassium pump in the cellular membranes works constantly to concentrate potassium within the cells and to expel sodium, a ...
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    Kalmia latifolia by

    Kalmia latifolia | Rheumatism & Hypertrophy of Heart

    “Kalmia is an excellent remedy for cardiac troubles when they have been caused by the suppression of rheumatism by external applications. The pulse of Kalmia is slow, but not as slow as that of Digitalis.” W.A. Dewey, Practical Homeopathic Therapeutics Latin: Kalmia latifolia Common: Mountain Laurel, Spoon wood Kalmia is important homeopathic remedy, used in ...
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    Cherry Laurel

    Homeopathic Laurocerasus | Hands on the Heart

    “Here is another active, hardworking type, who will fall apart when it is time to retire, since his work is his life. This produces a sudden break in the balance, and nothing seems enjoyable anymore, everything seems too burdensome.” Dr. Didier Grandgeorge, The Spirit of Homeopathic MedicinesLatin: Prunus Laurocerasus Common: Cherry Laurel, Kirschlorbeer This article ...
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      Homeopathy & Flower Essenses


      Cistus canadensis | Chronic Pharyngitis & Hard Glands

      This article observes the little homeopathic remedy Cistus canadensis, which is valuable in the homeopathic treatment of upper respiratory infections ...
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