Platinum metallicum | Profound Depression

“If the whole feature of this remedy can be expressed in one word, it is sensitiveness. We find this illustrated in both the mental and physical side of the patient. The patient is like some sort of a volatile, highly combustible oil that ignites on the least spark.”
N.M. Choudhuri, ‘A Study on Materia Medica’

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left ventricle heart

Kalium carbonicum | Cardiac Insufficiency

“To understand this remedy, we must refer to the role of potassium, an essential element in our intracellular life. Our cells contain high levels of potassium, while the extracellular medium contains high levels of sodium. The sodium-potassium pump in the cellular membranes works constantly to concentrate potassium within the cells and to expel sodium, a process indispensable for maintaining life. For this to occur, a great amount of fuel in the form of sugar (glucose) is necessary. At birth, after the umbilical cord is cut, glucose is no longer brought into the body through the blood. The sodium-potassium pump does not function as well as usual. The level of potassium falls within the cells, followed by anxiety that the cells may die. The newborn cries. The mother feeds the child at the breast or with a bottle, and everything is back in order. But Kali carbonicum infants resent others for the fact that they are suddenly so dependent. Their resulting ambivalence toward the relationship leads them to reject the company of others once their appetite is satisfied.”

Dr Didier Grangeorge, ‘The Spirit of Homeopathic Medicines’

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Ailments from Reprimands & Rejection | Carcinosinum

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“It is to Michel Zala, of Orleans, France, that I owe my understanding of the deeper issues underlying this extremely reserved remedy. It corresponds to people who declare: “Sir, there are some things that should remain unsaid.” Thus they are faced with a serious communication problem until, thanks to this remedy, they realize that these things can be said once one learns the art of it and acquires a few pertinent skills. Incarcerated within themselves, these patients turn their aggression inward and suffer from allergies, insomnia, and eventually cancer.”

D-r Didier Grandgeorge, The Spirit of Homeopathic Medicines

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