3 Tissue Salts for Dark Circles under Eyes

3 Tissue Salts for Dark Circles under Eyes

The Schuessler salts presented in this article offer a chance to correct dark circles under eyes naturally, by restoring the mineral balance in cells and tissues.


The dark circles under the eyes are the second cause to see dermatologist (the first is  the acne). They are the most widespread skin problem with non-hormonal origin.

And yet the dark circles are not just a result from stress, late work, fatigue, or night parties. They make people to look older, stressed, sick and depressed. But most of all dark circles affect the self confidence and the self esteem.

Nowadays there is no efficient way to handle this dermatological problem provided by traditional medicine, neither chemical nor physical. The cosmetic procedures like chemical pilling of the skin and laser treatment are unable to restore the skin around the eyes. Different anti-pigment lotions have only temporary effect.

  • Official Medicine 

There are two reasons for this dermatological problem, according to contemporary traditional medicine.

The most frequent cause is slow blood stream, which leads to accumulation of hemosiderin into the skin. Hemosiderin is an iron-storage complex; a yellowish brown pigment formed by the breakdown of hemoglobin, found in phagocytes and in tissues, when disturbances of the iron metabolism are present.

Another reason for dark pigmentation under the eyes is the melamine. Some skin types produce more melamine, when exposed to direct sunlight.

  • Schuessler Theory

According to Dr Schuessler, the existence of dark circles under the eyes shows deficiency of one or more of the following essential mineral compounds:

Calcarea fluorica – dark circles with brownish-black discoloration.

Ferrum phosphoricum – dark circles with bluish-black discoloration.

Kalium chloratum – circles with milky blue, milky purple or milky white discoloration.

Deficiency of Calcarea fluorica

This mineral constructs the defense membranes of the organic matter – tooth enamel, periosteum and skin.

All flexible fibers, and all tissues like tendons, ligaments, skin and blood vessels walls, need Calc-fluor.

Calc-fluor is mostly exhausted from the tissues during the winter, due to the increased need to maintain their flexibility (frequent adaptation to different temperatures).

Lowered flexibility of the blood vessels walls leads to weakened arteries walls and to dilation of capillary vessels. The visible result on the face is dark circles under the eyes. In Calc-fluor deficiency those circles are brownish-black – brown color on black background. The greater deficiency is, the more intensive the discoloration.

Other symptoms of Calc-fluor deficiency in the tissues are: varicose veins; reflux due to relaxed esophagus sphincter; limited movements of the motor muscles as result of lowered flexibility of the fibrous cartilage membranes.

Different degrees of flat-foot are also related to chronic insufficiency of Calc-fluor in the ligaments. Same is the situation with prolapsed uterus and bladder, observed mostly in women after labor and in old women.

Insufficient quantity of Calc-fluor compound makes the skin surface rigid. The formation of corns and callosities is increasing, the skin becomes hard and cracked, fissured; the palms of hands chap, the beard grows inwards and leads to inflammation of the face. The skin is relaxed and wrinkled, the breasts and abdomen are flabby; the nails are soft and bend or on the contrary – hard, cracked and brittle; and so is the hair.

Deficiency of Ferrum phosphoricum

The shadows under the eyes are described as bluish-black circles beginning from the internal angle of the eye. These people sleep less, are exposed to great physical exhaustion, drink much coffee and black tea and need more energy.

Ferr-phos strengthens the muscular system by supplying oxygen. The hypoxia of the muscular layer of the arteries leads to their dilation and lowered tonus. Thus the hypoxia affects also the brain, heart and kidneys.

As a result people get colds more often and need more time to recover. They feel tired; suffer from difficult concentration in work and study, and are pliant to vestibular affections accompanied by noises in ears, nausea and vertigo.

Deficiency of Kalium chloratum

The dark circles have milky-blue or milky blue or purple or white color and extend to the upper lid. Insufficiency of this mineral compound results in disturbed regeneration of the connective tissue of the blood vessels in the area around eye ball; their permeability is increased.

The synthesis of collagen fibers is weakened and slow and that affects the ligaments, the tendons, cartilages and bones. Same is happening to the synthesis of elastic and reticular fibers, which is essential for lymphatic and blood vessels, muscular fibers, peripheral nerves.

On the face and body are frequently observed multitude of dilated capillaries, which are typical for rosacea. Sometimes on the skin appears miliary eruption which makes the skin rough – commonly known as goosy-flesh.


Sometimes the need of above described tissue salts is combined. Six pastilles from one or more salts should be taken daily for a period of 3 to 6 months, until dark circles are removed.


The tissue salts may be added to a neutral face lotion. First salts must be smashed to fine dust, then mixed and strirred well into the lotion.

The proportion for 50 ml lotion is at least 6 tablets from the chosen salt. Apply daily according personal needs.

You may be surprised by the results.