Agnus castus | Impotence, Infertility & Depression

Agnus castus | Impotence, Infertility & Depression

“As its name implies, Agnus castus produces its chief effects in the sexual sphere, causing depression of function.”

J.H. Clarke, Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica

Latin: Agnus castus

Common: Chaste tree

Affinity: Sexual organs. Nervous system.

Causation: Promiscuity

Agnus castus is one of the chief remedies for homeopathic treatment of people with history of recurrent gonorrheal infections, together with Thuja, Natrium sulphuricum and Medorrhinum. Usually this disease is treated conventionally by antibiotics. That leads to suppression, not to cure; and suppressed gonorrhea causes severe consequences in the entire organism.

Agnus castus picture is marked with thread of debility and deep exhaustion, which spread through all organs and systems. Most deeply disordered, and suppressed in functionality are patient’s mental and sexual spheres.

The remedy is prescribed to both sexes, though some authors from the old school give more practical application of Agnus in treatment of men.

Ailments from Sexual Excess

Both men and women lose their sexual power. A premature old age appears, accompanied by great depression. The severe affection on the sexuality is result of sexual excesses and abuse of sexual energy. Literally that means self abuse by lots of intensive masturbation or promiscuous contacts with different sexual partners.

Men suffer from complete loss of erection. The genitals are relaxed, testicles are cold and swollen, and the sexual desire is all gone, or severely suppressed. The erectile dysfunction of Agnus is complete. The impotence follows frequent attacks of gonorrhea (like in Hydrastis canadensis, Thuja and Medorrhinum). Men have night emissions and morning erections but with no sexual desire.

Women are infertile, menses is absent, sexual desire is lost; or have long lasting periods, metrorrhagia and increased, even hysterical lasciviousness.

The remedy is good both for frequently masturbating women with nervous debility and for newly married women with history of sexual excesses or abuse, where sexual desire is totally missing and ability to conceive is impaired.

The latter group of women develop problems with pregnancy, labor and lactation. Mammary glands fail to secrete milk in the early days after delivery (agalactia); or the milk becomes scanty, or ceases entirely after it had started.


The sexual dysfunction causes bad effects on the mental and emotional sphere of the patients. They lose their memory, become distracted and forgetful. Develop fear of death, great sadness and fixed idea of approaching death.

Emotionally they feel insecure, have no confidence in own powers; self reproach for the missed chances and personal life.

They easily strain muscles and tendons from over lifting, and sprain ankles.

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