Behavior Problems in Children | Saccharum officinale

Behavior Problems in Children | Saccharum officinale

A Search for Love

The next article from ‘Behavior Disorders’ set presents the remedy Saccharum officinale, with accent on the mental-emotional picture of the children who need it. Previous part of the set may be found here.

Saccharum officinale

An interesting remedy, full with contradictions and passion, Saccharum was, until very recently, underestimated in the homeopathic treatment of difficult behavior in children. It is an important remedy with unique mental-emotional pattern.

The excess of sugar in the food of children leads to rickets and scurvy; increased acidity  and burning in stomach, kidney pain, ravenous appetite, increased urine containing sediment; severe headache and constipation. The body becomes fat, flabby and bloated, even dropsy; but more frequently we observe the opposite reaction – great emaciation notwithstanding the great appetite. There is craving for unhealthy food like snacks, sweets, chocolates; these foods lead to many ill symptoms in the stomach, like nausea, periodical vomiting, impaired digestion, heat, burning and pain – all this due to increased acidity.

We all know how difficult is today to restrict sugar from children’ diet. But as difficult it is for the rest of kids, for the children who need Saccharum this task is nearly impossible; because these children are driven by deep inner need to replace something missing in their life.

The main reasons for their mental-emotional and physical distress or diseases, are the disappointed love towards the mother, the neglecting of the child by its parents (the feeling for such neglecting) and the consequent anger and disrupted emotional balance.

The Saccharum Child

This child feels not loved by its mother and a target to constant critics from her behalf; it also feels neglected by its parents, friends, family. This feeling is burried deep inside, tormenting the child, forcing him to try to compensate. The ways to compensation goes through either behavior or physical disturbances.

The conduct of these children alters often, changing between opposite states. Their dissatisfaction from everyone and everything is visible for their parents and even for strangers; so is the strong disposition to contradiction, and the obstinate disobedience towards the authorities.

We see some characteristic gestures like sucking things, biting nails and putting fingers into the mouth, even at night during sleep. We also observe high insecurity in children’s behavior, manifested by defiant manners, desire for cuddling and being held by the parents, easy despair, envy, fear of failure and fear from the unknown, jealousy.

The child is irritable especially in the morning before breakfast; it becomes quarrelsome and even malicious after eating sweets and chocolate; there is persistent restlessness, not allowing the child to sit or stand still. At store these kids are compelled to touch everything. When angry, they turn to violence, kicking and screaming.

All symptoms aggravate from eating sweets; and sweets are the one most desire food.

The behavior of Saccharum child is often described by its parents as ‘impossible’. And yet, this child is very sensitive to reprimands and criticism. It makes mistakes in words when speaking, and in writing, omitting words. It is timid, quiet child, sad in the evenings and weeping without evident reason; then suddenly its mood changes and the child becomes morose, angry, loquacious, violent, quarrelsome. Another mark: Saccharum child often reveals problems with the ability to focus its attention to particular subject, and suffers from a weak memory for what has happened not so long ago.

The remedy Saccharum is closely related to Tuberculinum, Cina and Chamomilla, Calcarea carbonica, Lycopodium, Sulphur and Argentum nitricum.