Biochemical Therapy for Nursing Period

Biochemical Therapy for Nursing Period

Natural feeding is great for both nurslings and mothers. Breast feeding is a gift from nature, the most beneficial life start for everyone.

Though its natural character however, breast feeding can be a challenge, especially for new mothers. Soon after giving birth, mothers are emotionally unstable, exhausted and debilitated. To all these are added sore cracked nipples, overfilled breasts, blocked ducts, and sometimes despair of success.

Essential Tissue Salts for Nursing Period

Schuessler salts are, of course, no panacea; but they can relieve all these complaints by one natural and most of all, harmless way. Nursing exhausts the vital mineral ingredients from maternal organism in favor of the child. Biochemical salts reinstate balance in maternal cells and tissues, which allows them to better assimilation of nutrients. Bellow are exposed those of Schuessler salts which are essential for that purpose.

Calcium phosphoricum

This mineral compound is responsible for multiplication of all cells and formation of proteins in maternal organism, and for production of nutritional milk. Thanks to Calcium phosphoricum, the mother will not suffer from hair falling or decayed teeth, and will enjoy her high tonus.

Kalium chloratum

This potassium salt supports the activity of mammary glands and formation of milk. Usually Kalium chloratum gets quickly exhausted from its depots in times of hormonal picks and drops; and pregnancy, delivery and maternity are exactly such times for female organism.

Magnesium phosphoricum

This compound is also very important for endocrine glands.  During pregnancy and delivery Magnesium phosphoricum is depleted from the bodily stock. Therefore it should be added during nursing, for general relaxation of the organism.

Natrium chloratum

Natrium chloratum is essential for the balance of fluids in maternal organism. Without it the breast milk becomes bluish and gains slightly saltish taste, which may lead to withdrawal of the baby from its mother’s milk.

Course of Treatment

Combination of these four salts, 2 tablets each, diluted in water, to be prescribed for the entire term of nursing.

Common Nursing Complaints

Cracked Nipples

First days after birth the nipples are very sensitive and soft. It is possible formation of cracks. Following combination helps for softening of nipple tissue and for hydration of skin:

Calcium fluoratum + Natrium chloratum

The treatment should be stopped when the symptoms retreat.

Sore Nipples

Possible reason for soreness and bleeding of nipples is incorrect grip of the breast by the baby. Do not wash nipples with soap, use just warm water and allow them to become dry without wiping.

This complaint will be relieved by the following combination:

Ferrum phosphoricum + natrium chloratum

The treatment should continue for about a month, in order to relieve the inflammation and hydrate the skin.

Overfilled Tensive Breasts

If the baby cannot thrive all the milk, and milk pump is not helping enough, following Shuessler combination can be accepted four weeks:

Calcium fluoratum + Ferrum phosphoricum + Kalium chloratum

Blocked ducts

Breasts become sore, hard here and there; the milk doesn’t flow. Putting warm applications, taking often hot baths, and combination of Schuessler salts:

Ferrum phosphoricum + Natrium chloratum

should be taken at every two hours should help to avoid aggravation.