Biochemical Treatment of Stretch Marks | Silicea terra

Biochemical Treatment of Stretch Marks | Silicea terra

This article presents description of the main cell salt in the biochemical combination of Dr Schuessler for treatment of stretched connective tissue.

Symptoms of Stretching | Striae

The stretching appears in the form of long scars on the  abdomen, thighs and breasts in periods of rapid growth (puberty), of pregnancy, of fast putting on of weight or fast loosing of flesh; these are the so called ‘striae’. The stretched skin is red or purple in the beginning of the process; later it becomes grayish or white.

The reason for striae is weakness and lack of flexibility of the connective tissue, which becomes thinner and atrophic. The stretch marks deform the smoothness of the skin and cause feeling of discomfort, awkwardness, even loss of self esteem. Till this moment there is no efficient way to handle this problem, at least not presented by the official medicine except the surgical intervention.

Silicea terra

Silicea terra

Silicea Deficiency in Connective Tissues

The pronounced deficiency of Silicea is manifested by increased formation of wrinkles and other disturbances into the connective tissue. Hence Silicea is considered to be the remedy for rejuvenecse.

It is the chief functional substance of the epithelium tissue and of the connective tissue. Loss of Silicea leads to loss of density and structure. The tissues become prone to tearing; fissures appear easily. Long-term internal application of Silicea slows down this process.

The mineral strengthens vessel walls. When Silicea is not present in sufficient quantities, hematomas appear easily, even after slight incidents.

Another symptom of Silicea deficiency is the tendency to abscesses. The connective tissue plays crucial role into the process of extraction of puss, pushing the puss out where puss is either resorbed by the lymph or is evacuated on the outer layer of the skin. Silicea is efficient remedy in capsulated puss formations, like closed comedones on the face.

Next problem associated with Silicea deficiency is the hair growth, respectively the hair loss; splitting of hair, loss of gloss; peeling of nails on layers; formation of rough longitudinal lines on the nails.

Schuessler Combination for Striae

Calcium fluoratum, 3 pastilles daily;

Kalium chloratum, 3 pastilles daily;

Natrium chloratum, 3 pastilles daily;

Silicea, 6 pastilles daily.

The main tissue remedy in this combination is Silicea.

The successful treatment of striae is long process. Silicea assimilation from the organism is very slow. It is a remedy applied for chronic diseases mostly. The acceptance of the diluted mineral in D12 potency should be a long lasting process, at least a year.

It takes time for Silicea to be accumulated into the cells and tissues, and to produce the necessary improvement.