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This article is the first piece from the upcoming series, dedicated to various menstrual complaints and disorders, treated by application of Schuessler tissue salts. The biochemical treatment is important step towards the restoration of homeostasis and a natural regulation of the menstrual cycle.

The monthly period, from puberty to the change of life, is extremely delicate to treat.

Unfortunate is that lately so many girls and women are using contraceptive pills. In fact the allopaths today are prescribing contraceptives not only for birth control but also for hormonal regulation of female genital system.

Truth is that these medications derange the fine tune of the female organism, not to speak about the  various risks for the entire health of the women.

The natural choices for healing are still before us. There are alternatives to chemical medications and artificial hormones.

Homeopathy is one of them, helping people from about 200 years. What we have to do is to search for natural solutions and to keep an open mind.

Calcarea phosphorica is narrowly related to the nutrition and hence the growth of human organism. It is constituent of the cells of blood plasma, red corpuscles, saliva and stomach juice, connective tissues and bones, teeth etc.

The deficiency of Calcarea phosphorica interrupts the proper nutrition of the tissues which construct those parts, and leads to bad or to no assimilation of the food. Hence the cell growth is interrupted, the soft tissues and the periosteum suffer; the blood cannot coagulate; anemia occurs.

There is no growth without Calcarea phosphorica, for without it there is no nutrition of the body. Especially during the periods of dentition and puberty this tissue salt is essential. When during the puberty the girl suffers from deficiency of Calcarea phosphorica, the consequence might be disordered menstruation.

The first period occurs too early. The girls are thin, unsatisfied, feeling week and having ill performance at school. During the period there is throbbing in the genitals, accompanied by voluptuous feeling which often leads to desire for masturbation in young girls.

Menstrual cycle is irregular. In young girls the menses is too frequent and less painful, with bright red blood.

The grown women suffer from late periods. During the flow women feel weak and have rheumatic pains in the limbs. Sometimes the weakness continues after the leak. The blood is dark, there is a burning in vagina. The symptoms during the period also include violent pain in the back, violent cramps before the flow breech and during the period, vertigo, pulsating headache, sexual excitement. Pains are so severe that resemble labor pains.

Calcarea phosphorica is hence a remedy for dysmenorrhea; in anemic women the menstruation may even stop (amenorrhea).

Summary Notes

Menstrual complaints usually occur after periods of increased need of Calcarea phosphorica, which had been neglected. These are the periods of dentition (first and second) and the puberty. It is very important to ensure regular nutrition of the tissues by sufficient acceptance of the tissue salt during the periods of substantial growth, in order to avoid future health problems in little and young girls.

Another exiting cause for disordered menstrual cycle could be disappointment, anger or grief.

We are talking of tall, thin, emaciated, flabby girls, later women. At every change of weather they catch colds; each cold is accompanied by rheumatic aching in joints.


In periods of dentition and puberty, when parents observe increased or even rapid growth in length, Calcarea phosphorica D6 should be prescribed for at least several weeks 3 times daily.

When menstrual complaints are fact, the tissue salt should be accepted beginning two weeks before the flow. The treatment should be prolonged enough, to ensure saturation of the mineral in cells.

The process should be observed by professional.

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