Biochemics for Painful Period | Ferrum phosphoricum for Congestion

Biochemics for Painful Period | Ferrum phosphoricum for Congestion

The second article from the series for menstrual disorders is about Ferrum phosphoricum. This homeopathic remedy is prescribed mostly in acute diseases as first remedy; however during the monthly period in some women, there are reoccurring symptoms, which require application of Ferr-phos. It may be taken as a tissue salt, in decimal potency of D6 or D12.

Ferrum phosphoricum

… is the mineral salt which attracts the inspired oxygen into the red blood corpuscles, and thus through the blood oxygen reaches every cell of human organism. The molecules of iron are responsible for the muscular tonus.

Each blood vessel has a muscular coat. When the equilibrium of the iron is disturbed, the fibers relax. Vessel walls dilate; the blood accumulates and this leads to congestion. Congestion leads to increased blood pressure, to varicose veins, even to rupture of the blood vessels and hemorrhages. Therefore Ferrum phosphoricum is one of the most valuable anti-hemorrhagic homeopathic remedies.

Same is the effect from lack of iron molecules on the mucous membranes which line the intestines. The relaxation leads to diarrhea. When it affects the muscular walls of the intestines, the bowels become less active and a tendency to constipation is developed.

These examples show the importance of Ferr-phos for the restoration of muscular tonus. The salt is applicable in all conditions of congestion, hyperemia, quickened pulse, increased circulation, relaxed musculature, feverish states, inflammations.

Deficiency of Ferr-phos is related to condition called ‘irritable uterus’ during pregnancy.

Symptoms of Iron Deficiency during Monthly Periods

Menstruation cycle is irregular, too often – on every three weeks.

The face is flushed, the pulse is quickened. There is strong nausea, with vomiting of indigested food. Women suffer from menstrual colic and cramps, accompanied by intense congestion and bright red flow. The vagina is dry and sensitive.

The pains are heavy, oppressive, dull and constant. There is a prolapsed sensation in the lower abdomen, with heaviness and pressure in the sacral region of the back, and throbbing headache on the top of the head.

The strongest indisposition takes place usually before the flow and during the first days after.

Biochemical Treatment

When afore-described symptoms reoccur, Ferr-phos should be prescribed two weeks before the monthly period, for prophylactics.

In anemic persons the tissue remedy should be accepted for longer periods to achieve stable effect. This would prevent hemorrhages from the uterus in women who are predisposed to such.

The treatment with Ferr-phos might be more beneficial in higher potencies of the remedy, when the picture is clear. However, most homeopaths do not consider Ferr-phos for chronic remedy. Dr J.T.Kent though writes about Ferr-phos as for an important chronic anti-psoric remedy.

Some Mental-Emotional Indications

We speak of very talkative, lively, noisy and cheerful women but easily tired and becoming week with desire to lie down.  They are unnaturally excited; their anger leads to weakness, with trembling and perspiration.

Their mood is changeable. Anger alternates with apathy. In the evening before the menses comes they feel very sad, indisposed to talk, or to work.