Burns and Scalds Natural Treatment | Homeopathy & Tissue Salts

Burns and Scalds Natural Treatment | Homeopathy & Tissue Salts

Homeopathic treatment of burnt tissues and skin saves many troubles of the initial and post-traumatic period. It slows down the pain significantly, accelerates the healing process and prevents formation of scars on the affected areas.

Types of Burns

Burns may be superficial or deep. The heaviness of the affection depends on the depth and the area of tissues destroyed. The pains in those cases are considerable.

Burns from first and second degree which are result of domestic accidents can be entirely mastered by homeopathic treatment. They are characterized by redness of the affected area, burning, and eventually formation of blisters full with liquid.

The more serious cases are accompanied by severe shock. The area of tissues affected is wide; necrosis of tissues is developing; pains are considerable. Patients are afraid for their convalescence; sometimes delirium is developed after burns.

The homeopathic intervention is in these cases both external and internal. Again, it is characterized by diminishing the pains, soft and quick healing of burnt tissues and wonderful restoration of the homeostasis.

External Treatment | Homeopathic Mother Tinctures

The application of homeopathic Mother Tinctures on the burnt wounds is very important part from the treatment. Sometimes it is even enough for the entire curative process, making it not necessary for homeopath to resort to make internal prescription of homeopathic remedies. Of course, this depends mostly on the defense strength of the persons affected, and also on the gravity of the burns.

There are few homeopathic mother tinctures for treatment of burns: Urtica urens, Cantharis vesicatoria, Calendula officinalis and Hypericum perforatum.

Homeopathic Bandages

When preparing bandages and dressings with homeopathic tinctures, it is important to remember that the bandages should not be removed several days. This duration depends on the severity of the wound, of course. The reason behind this prolonged remaining of the bandages is the extreme delicacy and vulnerability of the young tissues. A frequent change of dressings causes laceration of the newly formed cells and tissues, and brings about considerable pains to the patient.

When the wound is heavy, the dressing should be frequently moistened with diluted mother tincture, several times per day. This is necessary in the beginning of the treatment; later the bandage may be moistened occasionally.

The mother tinctures should be diluted in water (not cold! – just around the room temperature), in the following proportion:

5 ml m.t. in 200 ml purified water.

In some cases the liquid discharged from the wound is copious or have strong bad odor. Then the outer layer of the bandages must be removed and the area around the wound should be washed out with dilution of the respective applicable tincture – Calendula or Hypericum. The inner layer of the dressing should not be misplaced. Then the bandage must be remade and the moistening process resumed.

In serious cases of burns the external application of Cantharis should be alternated with moistening the dressing with tinctures of Calendula or Hypericum.

Internal Healing | Homeopathic Remedies

Urtica urens

This remedy is highly effective for internal and external application in cases of burns.

Urtica quickly removes burning, allays the inflammation and relives the pain. It is useful in scalds from domestic incidents mostly, where there is intense burning and itching pains; when the skin is unbroken and there are no blisters.

Together with the dressing Urtica is given internally in low potencies, 6C, 9C or 15 C.

Cantharis vesicatoria

Cantharis is excellent remedy, both for internal and external application, which prevents the formation of blisters. It is applicable when the skin is fiery red, burning and vesicular looking.

The dressing with m.t. from Cantharis takes the heat away from the tissues and skin. The remedy draws the liquid and prevents consequences from the burns for the skin, like cicatrices.

Cantharis cures serious burns from second and third degree where there is terrible burning pain that ameliorates from cold applications. The sufferer can’t remove the cold pack from the affected spot even for a while.

The remedy is curative in cases of burnt mucus membranes, including scalds to mouth and throat by hot fluids or chemical or electric cauterizations.

Calendula officinalis

In serious burns the mother tincture from Calendula, applied in dressing as explained above, prevents gangrene and suppuration, promotes formation of healthy new epithelium and significantly diminishes the pain. Also prevents scarring as wounds heal.

Internally Calendula is recommended for burns of the mouth or esophagus, as well as in cases of chemical burns.


This is important remedy for long-term consequences of serious burns. During the period of convalescence it appears that the wounds heal slowly, cicatrices are forming, gangrene is endangering the tissues, wounds ulcerate and pains are deep.

Biochemical Concomitant Treatment

Schuessler tissues salts are very important in cases of burns and scalds, as in any other processes of formation of new cells and tissues. The internal application of the bellow combination will prevent blisters and suppuration and with supplement sucsessfuly the main homeopathic treatment.

The Schuessler combination for burns includes four salts:

Kalium muriaticum

Calcarea sulphurica

Natrium phosphoricum

Natrium chloratum (muriaticum)

They should be accepted during the entire period of healing of the wounds, at least 3 pastilles from each salt per day.