Calcarea Fluorica | Schuessler Salt for Connective Tissues

Calcarea Fluorica | Schuessler Salt for Connective Tissues


Blood vessels




Names: Calcarea fluorica, Calcium fluoride, Fluoride of lime, Calcium fluoratum.

In Nature

Calcium fluoratum occurs in nature as the mineral fluorite or fluorspar. It is called ‘the most colourful mineral in the world’ for its rich variety in colours – purple, blue, green, yellow, transparent, brown, pink, black, reddish orange, and all shades in between. Specimens of fluorspar may have a single colour, or, more rarely, multiple colours. The colours of the multiple coloured ones are arranged in bands or zones that correspond to the shapes of its crystals, typically cubic.

Preparation of Homeopathic Tissue Remedy

Selected pieces of crystal fluorspar are prepared by trituration, according to the methods of homoeopathic pharmacy. All types of dilutions, including those of Shuessler salt remedy, are prepared according the homeopathic pharmacopeia.

The difference between the remedy Calcium fluoratum or the so called ‘Schuessler salt’ or tissue remedy, and the homeopathic remedy Calcarea fluorica is only found in the degree of dilution.

The Schuessler salt Calc-fluor. is always in dilution D12; decimal dilutions are only one of homeopathic systems for potentisation, together with CH and LM systems.

In Human Body

In human body Calc-fl is an ingredient of the surface of bones, teeth enamel, elastic fibres and of epidermis. The elastic fibres are one of the constituent parts of the skin, the connective tissue and the vascular walls.

When Calc-fluor. molecules action is disturbed:

An insufficient contents of Calc-fluor. in the tissues is reason for constant relaxed condition of the implicated fibres. When the elastic fibres of blood vessels or of the lymphatic system are relaxed, it is impossible for that system to absorb a solid exudation. As a consequence the affected parts become indurated. Such condition of the vascular walls is one of the well known symptoms of the condition called ‘hypertonia’.

Blood vessels go through pathological enlargements like haemorrhoidal tumors, varicose veins, vascular tumors, indurated glands, post-parturition haemorrhage, uterine displacements and weakening of abdominal walls.

Next are damages on the surface of bones and exudation of keratin from the cells of the epidermis – skin, hair and nails. That causes formation of an adhering crust on the palms of hands, which, through labor, form fissures and cracks.

Some Symptoms Covered by Calcium fluoratum 

This remedy works well in higher potencies – 30, 200 C and higher. The Schuessler Salt potency is D12, but it will cure only minor cases; also D3 and D6 are working well in such occasions. However, higher potency is often needed.

Mental Level

Calc-fl will cure depression, having its roots in fear of poverty and financial crisis. People become indecisive, and disposed to put high value on money.


Hard excrescences on the scalp. Ulcers of the scalp with callous, hard edges.


Delayed dentition. Enamel of the teeth rough and deficient. Unnatural looseness of the teeth with or without pain, teeth become loose in their sockets. Malnutrition of the teeth. Toothache with pain if any food touches the tooth. Toothache with a looseness of the teeth.

Circulatory organs

Dilatation, enlargement of the blood vessels. Chief remedy to restore the contractility of the elastic fibres. Dilatation of the heart with palpitation. Vascular tumors with dilated blood vessels. Varicose ulcerations of the veins; also the chief remedy for varicose or enlarged veins. Enlargement, hypertrophy of the heart.


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