Calcarea Phosphorica | Schuessler Salt for Growth and Nutrition

Calcarea Phosphorica | Schuessler Salt for Growth and Nutrition



Bones: Sutures, Periosteum



Latin: Calcarea phosphorica, Phosphate of Lime, Calcium phosphate, Calcium phosphoricum.

In Nature

There are various calcium salts of phosphoric acid, found in different minerals: apatites (chlorapatite, fluorapatite and hydroxylapatite), brushite – a hydrated calcium phosphate found in small quantities in many phosphate deposits. The typical phosphate is vitreous to dull, often strongly coloured, above average in density, and average in hardness. The mineral fluorapatite is the major constituent of the bones and teeth of vertebrates. (F. Vermeulen, Prisma).

Preparation of Homeopathic Tissue Remedy

The Phosphate of Lime is prepared by trituration, as directed in Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia. All types of dilutions, including those of Shuessler salts, are prepared according to methods of homeopathic pharmacy.

The difference between the remedy ‘Calcium phosphoricum’ or so called ‘Schuessler salt’ and tissue remedy, and the homeopathic remedy named ‘Calcarea phosphorica’ is only in the degree of dilution and the system of potentisation.

The ‘Schuessler salt’ Calc-phos is always in dilution D6; decimal dilutions are only one of homeopathic systems for potentisation, together with CH and LM systems.

In Human Body

Calc-phos. is absolutely essential to the proper growth and nutrition of the body. It is found in the blood-plasma and corpuscles, saliva, gastric juice, bones, connective tissue, teeth, milk, etc.

Calc-phos. has a special chemical affinity for albumen, which forms the organic basis for this salt in the tissue-cells. That’s why Calc-phos. is required wherever albumen or albuminous substances are found in the bodily secretions.

It also supplies new blood-cells, becoming the first remedy in anaemia and chlorosis.

Calc-phos. is important constituent of soft and growing tissues; it promotes cell growth, supplying the first basis for the new tissues. Calc-phos is thus necessary to initiate growth.

It is the nutritive salt for the periosteum and through it for the skeleton system.

Without Calc-phos, coagulation of blood is not possible.

What happens when the activity of calc-phos is disturbed

A disturbed action of Calc-phos molecules in the body is manifested in the delayed formation of callus around the ends of fractured bones.

Same is the reason for irregular growth and defective nutrition of bones found in rachitis and similar diseases.

Nevertheless the reason, an insufficient assimilation of Calc-phos. causes defective nutrition, imperfect cell-growth and consequent decay and destruction of tissues, especially the osseous and glandular systems.

Hence we see Calc-phos needed during dentition, in convulsions and spasms in scrofulous children, and in conditions of poor nutrition.

The remedy is applicable in convalescence period after acute diseases; often one doze of Calc-phos. helps for manifestation of concomitant symptoms in the patient, and thus points for another homeopathic remedy that is needed. This action of Calc-phos is of an important intercurrent remedy.

Practically, Calc-phos is important remedy in chronic diseases and hectic conditions, when the phosphate is found in excess in the urine, thus corresponding to faulty secondary assimilation and to faulty workings of the excretory organs.

Poor balance of mineral salt Calc-phos. is manifested in anaemia of young children, rapidly growing; in women weakened by pregnancy and parturition, prolonged breast feeding, excessive menstruation or leucorrhoea; in diseases with exhaustive discharges like in chronic bronchitis, tubercular diarrhoea and profuse night-sweats.

Calc-phos is evidently an important remedy during puberty.

Some Symptoms Covered by Calcium phosphoricum

This remedy works well in lower potencies – 6, 9 C – and from the high potencies the most appropriate is 200 C. The Schuessler Salt potency – D6 – is also useful, though depending on the individual treatment a higher potency is often needed.

Mental Level

Calc-phos will cure cases of weak memory, especially in school girls. All conditions that follow a mental exertion will be influenced by the remedy, including anxiety. People become unable to make significant mental efforts. Children in school age become dull.

Children are peevish and fretful, stupid, slow of comprehension and constantly dissatisfied.

Calc-phos is also remedy for ailments after grief, vexation, disappointment.


Headaches before and during the second dentition; worse near the region of the sutures, after mental exertion and from dampness and change of weather.

Headache with flatulence. Rheumatic headaches, tearing in bones of the skull.

Headache of school-girls during puberty, nervous, restless, with diarrhoea, caused by jellies and sour things.

Fontanelles remain open too long, skull is soft and thin. Chronic hydrocephalus; very large head, bones separated. Also to prevent these conditions.

Bald spots on head.


Calc-phos is very important remedy during dentition.

Teeth develop slowly. Too rapid decay of teeth.

Toothache with tearing, boring pain, worse at night.

Gums painful and inflamed, or pale gums.


External glands painful. Chronic enlargement of the tonsils.


Unusual hunger. Infants want to be nursed all the time, soon afterwards vomit often and easily. Abdomen sunken and flabby. Mesenteric glands enlarged. Marasmus.


Cholera infantum with great desire for indigestible things – ham, smoked meat – and the abdomen is sunken, flabby.

Tubercular diarrhoea.

Stool is hot, watery, profuse, offensive, noisy and sputtering.

Diarrhea during the summer, in marasmus, in teething children and infants. The diarrhea is aggravated by fruits.

Babies shriek because of soreness and pain around navel, every time the child nurses.

Abdominal hernia.

Neck and Back

Thin neck in children.

Spinal complaints in young girls during puberty.

Spina bifida.


Cramp-like pains in forearms, wrists, fingers, and especially in the thumb.

Rheumatism of the joints with cold or numb feeling, worse from weather changes, ameliorating springtime and recurring in autumn.

Aching in all the limbs, with great weakness, in children during rapid growth. Calc-phos is the remedy for so called ‘Growth Pains’.

Aching soreness of thighs.

Pains in knees, worse walking.

Ankle joint feels as if dislocated.

Bow legs in children. Slow in learning to walk.

Nervous symptoms

Neuralgias, commencing at night, recurring periodically; deep-seated, as if in the bone; tearing pains, worse from any change of weather, with sensation of crawling, numbness and coldness, or like electrical shocks.

Pain in small spots.

Indisposition to work.

Great weakness after heavy acute diseases.

Children cry out at night.

Constant stretching and yawning.


Bones thin and brittle. Flabby, shrunken, emaciated children. Defective nutrition. Irregularity in development. Non-union of fractured bones.


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