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Slow & Fast Acute Remedies in Homeopathy

In homeopathy there are some, so called, fast and slow remedies indicated in acute conditions – viral or bacterial. This article indicates those most frequently prescribed in acute infections, which can be used for self help. There are links to another articles on NRS, where those remedies are presented in more details.

Homeopathic Prescribing in Acute Conditions

In this article I shall speak about acute morbid states and the possibilities for self help by homeopathy. The most important corner stones are: to assess the disease, to know which symptoms to take, to know the remedies for the respective disorder and to understand the true amelioration.

Scarlet Fever Treatment | Homeopathic Scarlatinum

The second part from the articles set about homeopathic treatment of strep infections presents the Scarlatinum nosode – a remedy prescribed for cure of scarlet fever and the ill after effects from it for the kidneys, joints and the heart.

Homeopathic Cure for Strep Infection

This article describes one important homeopathic remedy for cure of strep infection: the Streptococcinum homeopathic nosode.

Homeopathy for Acute Summer Diarrhea

This article briefly covers 7 of the most frequently used homeopathic remedies for treatment of gastrointestinal disorders during the hot summer months.

Homeopathic Remedies for Croup

“… in no other disease is the triumph of Homoeopathy over Allopathic practice more evident or more grateful than in this.” Dr. H. N. Guernsey

Cold Remedies and Treatment by Homeopathy

Homeopathy provides highly effective cure for influenza. Its power is evident particularly in epidemic situations. Usually the grippe occurs during the wet months of the year and in transitional seasons. One or more of the following symptoms manifest the beginning of the disease: general indisposition, weakness, muscle pains and common feeling as if one was […]

Homeopathic Treatment of Sore Throat and Tonsillitis

Sore throat can be dangerous with regards to probable complications of the infection and its extension to the lungs and possibly the heart. The condition is usually caused by Streptococcus strains; it affects the pharynx and tonsils. Commonly is known as ‘strep throat’.

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