Pulmonary Phthisis | Case of Iodium

“Iodum comes from the Greek word for “violet.” In fact, this element gives off violet-colored vapors when it burns. Violet, a mixture of red and blue, is the incarnation of temperance, red representing impulsive force and blue the calm of the sea and the sky. Violet is the symbol of…

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Rumex crispus | Incessant Violent Cough

Rumex is a remedy for extreme sensitivity to cold air. The inspiration of cold air is therefore the provocative factor for the diseases of upper respiratory organs, calling for this remedy. The affinity of Rumex is mainly to the mucous membrane of larynx, and the trachea and bronchi. Typical complaint for Rumex is the dry, incessant, violent and non-productive cough, which is excited by tickling behind the sternum, and is severely aggravated by exposure to cold air.

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Cold Remedies and Treatment by Homeopathy

Homeopathy provides highly effective cure for influenza. Its power is evident particularly in epidemic situations. Usually the grippe occurs during the wet months of the year and in transitional seasons. One or more of the following symptoms manifest the beginning of the disease: general indisposition, weakness, muscle pains and common…

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