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Short Materia Medica for Rhinitis

Acute Homeopathic Guide for Self Prescribing Following the Short Rhinitis Repertory this page contains description of main features of the acute remedies included there. Stress is placed on their specific symptoms in coryza; but also on some of their general & emotional essence for differentiation of one remedy from the others. Aconitum napellus Wolf’s bane, […]

Rhinitis | Short Homeopathic Repertory

Identify your own acute remedy and manage the cold yourself, at least in simple cases. In the left column of Repertory table are shown symptoms of acute rhinitis. Right column contains the most prominent remedies for acute cold (rhinitis). Print out the table, then take a pencil and a list, and mark your symptoms. Then […]

Homeopathic Sticta Pulmonaria | Rheumatic, Bursae & Respiratory Disorders

Sticta is unique small remedy. It produces and cures respiratory symptoms and rheumatic symptoms in joints. It is efficient in influenza cases of children, where nose is stuffed and there is catarrhal inflammation of the bronchi.

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