Terebinthinae oleum | Renal Congestion

“The real pathological condition of the kidneys in these cases is not one of acute Bright’s disease, nor one of croupous formation in the kidneys, but one of renal congestion, with oozing of blood into the pelvis of the kidney. The condition is not infrequently the result of living in damp dwellings. When its urinary symptoms are present, you may give Terebinthina with confidence, no matter what the patient’s disease may be.”
E.A. Farrington, Clinical Materia Medica

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Natrium sulphuricum | Intolerance to Humidity

There might be some difficulties before one understands the central idea of this remedy, because of its wide area of action in the body. The key characteristic to remember is the wet, damp environment. As H. Farrington writes in his ‘Homoeopathy and Homoeopathic Prescription’, if the susceptibility to dampness is absent, then Natrium sulphuricum is not indicated.

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Rumex crispus | Incessant Violent Cough

Rumex is a remedy for extreme sensitivity to cold air. The inspiration of cold air is therefore the provocative factor for the diseases of upper respiratory organs, calling for this remedy. The affinity of Rumex is mainly to the mucous membrane of larynx, and the trachea and bronchi. Typical complaint for Rumex is the dry, incessant, violent and non-productive cough, which is excited by tickling behind the sternum, and is severely aggravated by exposure to cold air.

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