3 Tissue Salts for Dark Circles under Eyes

The Schuessler salts presented in this article offer a chance to correct dark circles under eyes naturally, by restoring the mineral balance in cells and tissues. Causation The dark circles under the eyes are the second cause to see dermatologist (the first is ┬áthe acne). They are the most widespread…

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Urinary Complaints | Five Tissue Salts for Bed Wetting

As the previous article, this one addresses the problem of enuresis. This article is part from a set, which treats different urinary disorders. Inorganic cell salts, potentized by the decimal homeopathic scale, play important role in the treatment of enuresis. They act on a physical cell level, maintaining the efforts of the organism to cope with the incontinence.

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Tissue Salts of Schuessler | Homeopathic Biochemical Remedies

The basic mineral compounds are grouped around the chemical elements Natrium, Kalium, Calcium, Magnesium, Ferrum and Silicea. Into the cytoplasm of cells are found three salts of Natrium (NaCl, Na2HPO4, Na2SO4), three salts of Kalium (KCl, KH2PO4, K2SO4), three salts of Calcium (CaF2, CaHPO4,), one of Magnesium (MgHPO4), one of Ferrum (FePO4) and one of Silicea (SiO2); all of them exist in exact constant concentrations.

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