Cold Remedies and Treatment by Homeopathy

Cold Remedies and Treatment by Homeopathy

Homeopathy provides highly effective cure for influenza. Its power is evident particularly in epidemic situations.
Usually the grippe occurs during the wet months of the year and in transitional seasons.

One or more of the following symptoms manifest the beginning of the disease: general indisposition, weakness, muscle pains and common feeling as if one was broken. There are frequent complication in the throat, also catarrh in the nose and chest, or urinary infection.

Gelsemium sempervirens

The most probable remedy when the seasons change is Gelsemium (Gels). It is suitable to anxious people, very anxious. They feel constant anxiety about their daily engagements, but become very anxious before exams or important public contributions. Therefore it is very likely that they would catch the flu in times when such events are about to take place.

Great weakness they feel, usually starting from back, in cervical region, going to occipital part of head, causing pain. They feel their eyes heavy, as if their lids would close down from that heaviness. The weakness is overall, making them want to lie down, to sleep, and not to move a fiber. Great sleepiness seizes them, together with chills on their back and lack of thirst.

It is very probable that they will have problems with their voice. The temperature will not go very high – it will be about 37-38 degrees by Celsius scale. The headache will start from the neck; will embrace the occipital part and afterwards the entire head. The pains will be dull. Same pains will be felt in the entire body, the muscles will hurt and the feeling will be as if they’ll fall into pieces. The aversion to movements is caused by inability, due to great weakness, while in Rhus-t. it is dictated by great pains in the beginning of the motion, and in Bry. is caused by inflammation of tendons and dryness of the mucous membranes.

The progress of the disease will be slow. Perhaps a few days will pass before the symptoms to unfold and progress; and the symptoms will develop in soft, wet weather.

Interesting modality of Gels. patients is their amelioration by urinating, especially the headache. They also feel better not to move, when sleeping, being in a fresh air, and by being alone and quiet.

Old_Poison_Ivy_VineRhus toxicodendron

In grippe cases Rhus toxicodendron (Rhus-t) is often indicated. Again the beginning of indisposition is slow, with not so high temperature. People feel stiffness of the body, causing them physical anxiety and constant desire to move, to put in place, to fit in the bed. They feel pains all over the body; and feel worse when they start to move. First stir from a static position is very painful for them, furthermore the patients shall feel worse from the least uncovering. However, the continued motion brings some relief from the pains and that’s why they constantly change their position in bed, or on a chair.

They may feel great warmth inside, though their skin will be cold on touch. Their mouth will be dry, and their tongue might have the characteristic red tip with triangular shape. You may notice also herpetic eruptions around the lips or bellow the nostrils. The nose may discharge yellowish thick mucous.

Together with the general pains described above, the Rhus-t. patients can develop dry, tearing cough, causing them pains in the trachea and lower, behind the sternum; all this may be accompanied by fluent perspiration. The symptoms develop in wet cold weather, or after people get wet their feet. They feel better when are warmly covered, and in continuous motion. Usually people feel great thirst for cold drinks, especially cold milk.

Eupatorium_perfoliatum_001 (1)Eupatorium perfoliatum

When flu cases are developed in wet cold weather, we often observe the effectiveness of another homeopathic remedy – Eupatorium perfoliatum (Eup-per.). It is indicated when patient feels strong pains in the bones, as if they were broken. Strong are the pains in the head – they dare not to move. Pains they feel also in the eyes, even when not move them at all. The symptoms of this remedy may easily be mixed with Rhus-t. symptoms, and is distinguished from the latter by the strong pains in the bones.

The perspiration is scanty, and the thirst is great, for icy cold drinks. Great chilliness on the back.


Another remedy is Oscillococcinum. It is highly effective in grippe cases, if taken immediately after symptoms show in a patient. First 24 hours are the period of time, when Oscillococcinum may help. This remedy has no clear picture; it had not been proven in the homeopathic meaning of proving. That is why, when there is no clear picture of patient’s condition, Oscillococcinum may help. Few dozes should be enough, through 4-6 hours during the day.

Oscillococcinum is also used as prophylactics during grippe epidemics. Take it every day while the epidemic situation exists, it will prevent the disease.