Crab Apple Essence | Longing for Purity and Perfection

Crab Apple Essence | Longing for Purity and Perfection

The mind concentrates on one’s internal or external aspect of the personality considered as shortcomings, fauld, disadvantage or shameful. As a consequence, feelings of helplessness and possibly guilt are developed, and the self esteem is lowered.

Latin: Malus pumila

For the preparation of Crab Apple essence are used blossoms from wild apple tree by the boiling method.

Crab Apple is part of Despondency and Despair Group of Bach flower remedies. The most important characteristic of this remedy is the exaggeration of personal purity – external and internal – and the desire for perfection in every aspect of their life.

The Perfect Idea

Crab Apple is needed from people who have a picture in their mind of how their life should look like. Everything about this picture is perfect – their body, their soul, and in general everything that surrounds them.

However as we all know, real life is far from such perspective. Many things do not happen as we imagined them to. This is hurtful for the people in state of Crab Apple more than to others. Everything that deviates from their preliminary personal concept for perfection makes them confused, sad, even leads to despair. In some cases it could make them to become repulsed by themselves.

They have no other perspective of life than their own fixed picture. This is very narrow point of view; but they are unable to broaden it and look differently on the situation. And the situation could be – and often is – quite simple and frequently met: some dirt from the soles of children on their just cleaned floor, or herpes on their face, or embarrassment from something about their clothes.

The Narrow Perspective

The mind of people in such state is fixed on that just aspect of their self, which they consider to be deviated from the perfect picture and therefore a burden, something they have to get rid of. Everything else about them is disregarded or overlooked. In such manner of thinking, the problematic point assumes inappropriate dimensions and leads to lost perspective of what is really important in life and about oneself.

They don’t know how to deal with this problem, and are unable to see the way out from this circle; gradually they allow feelings of helplessness and despair to overwhelm them. Depression is not far away from such mood, and soon it occurs.

If the disturbing aspect of their life is related to some personal addiction or other imperfectness, Crab Apple people develop feelings of shame and of self-disgust. The cause may be just some disease as a result of contamination with germs or from unclean environment – all those things that are beyond of our control. But their reaction is disproportionate to the reality. It is impossible to them to openly share with others their problem; and their personal feelings of shame and impurity becomes stronger.

In this state they may develop strong inclination to clean everything about them and around them. They start to wash their hands and face too often; to clean the house too eagerly; in general they develop the constant desire to purify themselves on both mental and physical levels – and for that the Crab Apple Essence is the best choice. It helps for elimination of negative influences on both levels and is equally helpful after long work in unhealthy conditions and after long period of taking care for sick people.

Thus we saw the key symptom which leads to Crab Apple Essence: the aspiration to purity in every aspect of life. They feel that something unclean has touched the self, either from within or from without. Thus are developed feelings of unworthy, unclean, low self esteem, shame and inadequacy.

This remedy should be prescribed in cases of obsessive-compulsive behavior.

Treatment with Crab Apple reaches deep levels, and leads to self acceptance and forgiveness about own failings, and raise the self esteem.
Physical Symptoms

The illness is accompanied by a sense of being contaminated and desire to be cleaned from the intruding agents. The body answers to the feelings of disgust by nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea.

The disgust could lead to compulsive aversion to certain foods or to eating in general, and anorexia nervosa is one possible disease which could follow.

Skin allergies and skin diseases like atopic dermatitis, eczema, pruritus, psoriasis; Eating disorders; Inflamed wounds as a consequence of contamination; Offensive bodily secretions or odor; Diarrhea with offensive irritating stool; Sleep disturbances from excessive preoccupation; Anorexia nervosa and Bulimia; Nervous breathing syndrome – ‘respiratory corset’, etc.

All diseases are result of compulsive thoughts about details and trifles. Insignificant causes give rise to severe irritability. The senses are sharply tuned towards chaos and disorders in society and in personal life.

Difficulties in socializing; Insecurity in intimate relations like breast feeding or kissing; Self disgust with regards to skin eruptions, perspiration, pimples, warts; Compulsive washing of hands, fear of contaminated food, disgust from public toilets, and so on.

To above described picture must be added the striving for immediate liberation from any kind of body disorder, and the total despair if otherwise happens.


Bach flowers: Pine, Larch, White Chestnut, Cherry Plum, Cerato, Sweet Chestnut.

Homeopathic remedies: Arsenicum album, Syphilinum, Mercurius, Pulsatilla, Sulphur, Baryta carbonica, Thuja, Bufo.