Elm Flower Remedy | Overwhelmed by Duties

Elm Flower Remedy | Overwhelmed by Duties

The flower essence from Elm by Dr Edward Bach is for those who doubt their own ability to handle their engagements and feel as if they were buried beneath tasks and too many responsibilities – more that they could take.

Latin: Ulmus procera

Healing with flower essences by Dr Edward Bach is harmless and effective. One unnoticeably gets better and has more energy to continue with the day-to-day challenges.

There is no possibility to overdose Bach remedies. They are prepared by non toxic blossoms and buds. The herbal tinctures act softly and gently. That is why more and more people today use flower remedies for self healing.

For the preparation of Elm essence are used twigs and blossoms from elm tree by the boiling method.

Elm is part of despondency and despair group of Bach flower remedies. The choice of this remedy is made upon the emotional state of the person, taken as part of his or hers way of living and surrounding circumstances.

Strong, Capable and Responsible

They are natural leaders; you could see them as managers, politics, business men or ladies, and in all cases they are hard workers with strong sense of duty. Thus their qualities lead to their overloading with more and more responsibilities.

Because Elm people don’t give themselves a brake, forgetting their own needs before the needs of others, it is natural for a crisis to occur. When that happens, they feel unable to handle the things they do every day, feeling overwhelmed and doubting their ability to see things done.

In their state of weakness people are unable to see where to start from. They see just the number of their tasks as a pile, and cannot concentrate and make one step at a time.

Thus everything, which used to seem easy and within their capacity to handle with, unnoticeably becomes a burden and a dreaded duty.

Focusing on Details

Elm remedy is indicated when people bury in details or focus on one single part of their job or task, while not having an appropriate overview of the entire task. It is difficult to them to plan the best approach to completing the job. One may get lost in details and feel that progress has not really been made.

Gradually there comes a feeling of anxiety, which grows in fear that they won’t be able to cope with so many tasks, jobs and responsibility. The fact those responsibilities are well familiar to them doesn’t help. People feel exhausted, not strong enough to do what is necessary, and don’t know how to move on. Here at that point comes the feeling for helplessness and despair.

People may feel powerless, in impossibility to influence their life. There can be feelings of sadness, especially when ideals were high and the service attitude strong, and one suddenly realizes that one’s goals were unrealistic and not within one’s reach.

Such feelings often are seen in those who take care for sick or disabled people.

Elm essence gives to the strong the energy they need in their weak moments. The remedy helps to restore the natural for those people self confidence, clear the anxiety, removes the feeling of helplessness.

When Is Elm Essence Useful

Physically Elm may be of help in tension headaches, cervical and lumbar pain, dysmenorrheal, insulin-dependent diabetes, obstinate constipation, asthma with impeded respiration, insomnia due to despair from inability to overcome difficulties in work. In any case the illness should be result of the above described condition of mind and emotions of the person in mind.

Elm essence helps in psychosomatic diseases, which are result of inability to cope with new situations, from continued cares and worries before routine tasks, and long continued work without rest, accompanied by fatigue and discouragement.

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