Aromatic Practices to Aleviate Headache

Aromatic Practices to Aleviate Headache

In this article are given three recipes for headache treatment by aromatherapy.

The headache is widely spread suffering, valid for people of all ages, genders and professions. It varies in its extent, from light pain from exposure to cold wind to heavy migraine attacks, accompanied by nausea, vertigo, pains extending to eyes, neck, back, etc.

In fact the reasons for the headache are of first importance, if you want to permanently relieve yourself. If this state is recurrent (happening at least once a week), perhaps you should search for constitutional treatment.

Massage, inhalation, or baths with essential oils will help to alleviate the pain.


The massage is healing method, which is very effective on its own account. Here the word is only to the massage with essential oils in the area of occipit, temples, forehead in the area of eyebrows, the roots of nose on each side.

The appropriate essential oils are Chamomile, Common balm, Lavender, Rosemary. Use 1 drop from the chosen oil, mixed with 5ml base oil – the latter may be oil from grape seed or wheat germ – and ask a friend to apply it on the above mentioned points of your head. The essential oil from Juniper is also often used for aroma massage in headaches.


In those occasions, when the headache is consequence of acute or chronic coryza, or some viral infection resulting in nose obstruction, the inhaling of essential oils may free your nose, to make your breathing easily and to bring relieve to your headache.

For that purpose boil 0.5 l water and add 5 drops essential oil from Melaleuca, leucadendron, Tee tree or Pelargonium. Cover your head with a towel, and stand above the pot for a few minutes, breathing in the vapors.


If you feel in a mood for a warm bath, add 10 tablespoons base oil mixed with essential oil from Lavender or Juniper to the water. You can prepare the base oil for the bath from neutral lotion; proportion is 1:2 in favor of the lotion.

Stay in the bath no more than 15 minutes. This method is similar to inhalation to some extent, but milder. Do not make the water very hot.

Natural Treatment

Nevertheless the positive effect, for headaches aromatherapy is more palliative measure than deep and constant healing. Therefore it is considered as concomitant method, next to the main course of healing (hopefully a natural one) for the headaches. This is twice valid for the chronic conditions. In the latter case especially you need natural therapy, which will help you to eliminate the reasons for your suffering and thus to reach a higher level of health. Such therapy is the homeopathic treatment, the treatment with flower essences, ayurveda.

Often headaches are accompanying symptom of other morbid condition, like acute viral infections, flu, cough, sinusitis, trauma. If such is your case, check for appropriate treatment of the main illness, for it most probably is premising the headache.