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Our great time with family and friends in the summer evenings is often spoiled by insects.
This article presents three well proved recipes with essential oils, which will repel the boring mosquitoes from your skin, clothes and house, and will help you in case of insect stings and bites.

Equipment for the Preparation

You need clean spray bottles and a dropper. Best size of the bottles would be of 2.5 oz or 80 ml for the lotions and 33 oz or 1 l for the house spray.

Concentration of the Essential Oils

For children the recommended dosage is 5-6 drops essential oils in 30 ml basic oil (1%). Healthy adults may double that concentration and add up to 6 more drops. The pregnant women should be extra careful with essential oils and always consult a specialist before using them.

Mosquito Skin Repellent

The traditional well known recipe for bug repellent is with Citronella essential oil. It is of course possible to prepare it, but the presented in this hub alternative smells sweet and is effective. Here are the ingredients for 2 % concentration:

Essential Oils:

Cedar wood 8 drops, Eucalyptus 5 drops, Lavender 4 drops, Orange and Lemon – 2 drops from each and Mint, Cloves and Cinnamon – 1 drop from each.

Basic Oil:

You may choose amongst oils from Almond, Apricot or Grape seed, or mix two or more of them. I would use the apricot oil for it’s not that thick as the almond oil, and is therefore more appropriate for the hot months. The oil from grape seed is even lighter than the apricot one. The needed quantity for this concentration are 60 – 80 ml, or up to 2.5 oz.

Preparation and Usage:

Mix the ingredients and shake well. Apply on the skin on every two hours when outside.

Stings & Bites Skin Lotion

This combination is useful for first aid in cases of stings or bites from insects; also for burns, bruises, sore and inflamed skin. The ingredients for 2 % concentration are:

Essential Oils:

Lavender, Tea tree, Chamomile (German) and Hellichrysum – 3 drops from each.

Basic Oil:

Calendula oil 30-50 ml or max 1.6 oz.

Preparation and Usage:

Mix the ingredients and shake well. Apply on the skin when needed.

House Bug Spray

The house spray is prepared with water and mixture of essential oils. Its ingredients are:

Essential Oils:

Mint and Citronella, equal quantity from each – up to 1 teaspoon.

It is possible to replace the citronella with camphor essential oil. The effect will be stronger; only camphor oil is very strong and could provoke allergic reactions, therefore should be used with caution, especially in the presence of children.


33 oz (1 l).

Preparation and Usage:

Mix the ingredients and shake well before use. Sprinkle it on the curtains, chairs, under the corners of the carpets, around the windows.

Another way of using it is by just putting the mixture in wide bowls in every room of the house.

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