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Need for Courage & Trust

Latin: Mimulus guttatus

Description: Mimulus essence by Dr Edward Bach is for those who feel frightened by concrete threats. Treatment with Mimulus helps people to overcome their fears, to keep their mind on the present and to regain their trust in others.

For the preparation of Mimulus essence are used blossoms from the plant by the method of sun potentization. The remedy is part from the group of Bach essences for fear, together with Aspen, Cherry plum, Rock rose and Red chestnut.

Fine, Delicate and Sensitive

The most typical people with Mimulus disposition have delicate physic; they are gentle, fine and sensitive. When in company of other people, they are uneasy, laugh nervously or talk too much; or can’t speak freely and blush easily.

There is some over sensitiveness about these people. They hardly stand much noise, bright light, too much food or too much activity. Though trying to look strong and independent, in fact they are close and introvert, wishing deep inside to be a bit more distant from the outer world.

Mimulus is often suited to musicians, artists, in general people of fine art.

They need to draw back from the society, to stay away for a few days or weeks, in order to find their lost sense of touch with their inner self; of inner balance. They need this withdrawal; if not able to do it from time to time, begin to feel the world as a heavy burden and a place where they can’t stand to be any longer. It is just a feeling, but may lead to depression.

Fears & Fobias

Mimulus essence will help people who suffer from strong anticipatory anxiety before some upcoming event. It is good remedy for overcoming stage-fright, fear from approaching exams, or surgical intervention.

The fears of Mimulus are always pointed towards something particular; fears can be named and described; however those fears have the distinctive mark of something approaching, forth-coming, something that might happen but it is not certain that it actualy will happen. This is the vague possibility about Mimulus fears: they can be named but are not part of the reality; they only exist in patient’s mind. Mimulus is the essence for fear from imaginary things. They may fear poverty though in reality could be far from such perspective; or they fear from catching a contagious disease, or from misfortune.

Physical Symptoms

The physical symptoms of Mimulus have psychosomatic origin: respiratory disorders like asthma or nervous breeding syndrome; many gastrointestinal disorders – diarrhea from anticipation or from strong emotions, gastric pains, constipation from staying in someone else’s home or in hotel; insomnia with persistent thoughts which prevents sleep.


Bach Flowers: All remedies from the group for fear, and also Elm, Larch and White chestnut.

Homeopathic remedies: Pulsatilla, China, Calcarea carbonica, Gelsemium, Causticum.

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