Ailments from Fear & Fright | Part Two

Ailments from Fear & Fright | Part Two

Major Homeopathic Remedies for Fear | Aurum metallicum, Belladonna, Calcarea carbonica

As a continuation from the previous article, this one presents the next three homeopathic remedies among those prescribed for ailments from fear and fright. More explanations about the causative factors you may find in Part One.

Gold pieceAurum metallicum

The element ‘gold’ from the periodical table is used for the preparation of this remedy. Several salts of the same element serve as homeopathic remedies as well; some of these are aur-muriaticum, aur-iodatum, aur-arsenicum, aur-bromatum, aur-sulphuratum.

Fear is not the main causative factor for the pathology of Aurum. However Aurum pathology may be provoked from fright and for that reason it is included into the present exposure.

The most prone psychological characteristic of Aurum is the ultimate depression and loathing of life which, at the end, lead the person to self destruction.

Causation: grief, fright, anger, disappointed love, mortification, financial ruin, unrealized ambitions, unrevealed disapproval. Alcohol poisoning.

The Aurum patient is despondent, melancholic, dejected. He is seeking solitude, imagining that he has lost the affections of his friends. Many delusions are found in this remedy, but most of all the thoughts that he is unfit to this world, that is irretrievably lost, that cannot succeed in anything; these are really desperate people and they really long for death in their mind.

It is sad story when listening someone with Aurum disposition talking about himself. But this is not happening often. He or she is timid, discouraged and completely out of humor about his or her own personality. Aurum people never give their trust easily. Very uneasy and uncertain about themselves, these people constantly think they’ve neglected something and deserve reproaches in return; this uneasiness they carry in their mind and are as a consequence always in a state of low energy and lack of perseverance.

There is an interesting contradictory point about this remedy and this is the great responsibilities these people are taking in life. They carry many bags under their armpit, taking care of their family, and working all the time. Aurum is the pillar of his family.

Fear Related Symptoms

When we meet Aurum, we see one highly ambitious, disciplined and capable person, who has attained high position in society, who is workaholic and is strongly responsible. At the same time this person is internally reproaching himself; is feeling worthless and incapable; feeling as if has neglected his duty; has anxious conscience, feeling himself as being a failure. His depression and despair is very well hidden from the outer world. When such a person commits suicide, it is complete strike for his surrounding acquaintance. Unfortunately it is too late.

That is what stays behind Aurum fears from failure and high places, and in a crowd. Their fear might become so strong, even to suicide. They at the same time fear from death and desire death.

Their uneasiness is so great, especially in the evening, that they are prone to start from the slightest noise at the door. The fear arises from their stomach.

Aurum has strong fear from heart disease, from heart attack, from organ pathology of the heart. In this the remedy is similar to Arsenicum; the patient seeks the opinion of several cardiologists to ensure that will not happen.


Aurum cures many serious diseases. Here are some of them: alcoholism, amenorrhea, angina pectoris, anthropophobia, asthma, depression, erysipelas, gonorrhea, hemiopia, hopelessness, inguinal hernia, night terrors, obesity, paralysis, scrofula, syphilis, tuberculosis, tumors. It is strong heart remedy.


Cherry plum is the one essence that covers Aurum fear from death and the desire to commit suicide by jumping from a high place. The essence is especially suitable because Aurum is not even sure whether he really wants to jump; only the impulse is so strong that drives him to actually do it (unlike Argentum nitricum who gives up in the last moment). See about Cherry plum in the section of Argentum nitricum.

Corresponding to the hard work and depression, and for the alcohol dependancy of Aurum is the Oak essence. Full description of Oak may be read here.

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