Ailments from Fear & Fright | Part Two

Ailments from Fear & Fright | Part Two

Belladonna | Deadly Nightshade

The complete name of this remedy is Atropa belladonna; it is known as one of the ‘wild’ remedies in Homeopathy, sharing this charming description with Hyosciamus niger and Stramonium (which are also full of fears). Too many are the merits of Belladonna. It is really important homeopathic remedy for various physical pathologies; but also for emotional excess. Great children remedy, and important one for conditions caused from cold, viral or bacterial infections.

Causation: heat, cold, excitement, cutting of hair, injuries of the head, anger, fright. Walking in wind, wetting the head, eating sausages.

Rage, fury, delirium, extreme excitement, mania, violent anger, paroxysms of madness with hot head, red face and staring wild look in the eyes which pupils are dilated. Belladonna is mostly acute remedy, for states arisen suddenly and violently; and the acting of the remedy is correspondingly quick.

Belladonna acts primarily on the brain, head and sensorium, with high intensity. Dr. John Henry Clarke notes about Belladonna that it has few very important distinctive characteristics: great general sensitiveness and great specific sensitiveness of particular senses: to light, to slightest noise, to jar and to motion. The pains of Belladonna run down – away from the head (Gelsemium and Silicea have the opposite modality).

Fear Related Symptoms

The fears of Belladonna have characteristic of terror. The remedy cures the ill effects from recent frights; however it is possible to cure deeper seated and pronounced states of fear, if the mental picture is clearly manifested.

They live merrily and entertain well when healthy; but when sick, they are bilious, violent and delirious. Their complexion is fine, with fair hair and delicate skin and sensitive nervous constitution, predisposed to convulsions. Gifted with vivid imagination, they see imaginary ghosts, hideous faces, various insects, black animals – mostly dogs or wolves. They have hallucination about those imaginary things they see; they fear them and want to escape, to run away from them. In this state they are close to delirium.

And the delirium is violent, wild and full with rage; the patient wants to bite, to strike and tear things around him; he suddenly falls into fits of laughter with grinding his teeth, biting and striking those who try to restrain or console him; jumps suddenly from the bed and starts running, in attempt to escape. The delirium of Belladonna happens usually in states of high, intense fever.

Belladonna fears are of night, black animals, dogs, approaching of other people towards her, of impending death, imaginary things, noise, being poisoned, suffocation, water.

The rapid onset of any ill conditions is a sign one should think of Belladonna, together with red hot face, wild stared look in the eyes and the violent development of the symptoms.


Belladonna is manifested in and will cure very large scale of acute diseases, like: abscesses, acne, bladder weakness, boils, carbuncles, colic pains, constipation, convulsions, croup, delirium, diarrhea, dysentery, ear disorders, epilepsy, erysipelas, eye disorders, glandular swellings, goiter, gout, hemorrhoids, headaches, hydrocephalus, hydrophobia, hyperemia, influenza, mania, measles, meningitis, peritonitis, pleurisy, pneumonia, rheumatism, rheumatic fever, roseola, scarlatina, strokes, sore throat, tonsillitis, tuberculosis, ill effects from vaccinations, whooping cough.


The fears of Belladonna could be influenced by the Bach essences Aspen and Cherry plum (see the section for Aurum). About those you may read in Part One of this articles set, under the sections of Aconitum and Argentum nitricum.

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