Ailments from Fear & Fright | Part Two

Ailments from Fear & Fright | Part Two

Calcarea carbonica

Very well known constitutional type and the most important remedy of the childhood, Calcarea carbonica is representing the mineral and the animal kingdom in one. It was made from the middle layer of an oyster shell for the purpose of S. Hahnemann’s proving; however, for the proving of Dr. Koch was used precipitated carbonate of lime, from a solution of chalk in hydrochloric acid. As writes Dr T.H. Allen, neither of those preparations consists of pure calcium carbonate; so there is no equivalence between this mineral compound and the substance of the homeopathic remedy.

Calcarea carbonica has wide range and very deep action.

Causation: ill effects of overwork, worries, fright, poor nutrition, aging, alcohol, loss of vital fluids, strains, over lifting. Suppression: of sweat, eruptions and menses.

The children of the Calcarea type are inclined to grow fat and flabby, with large belly and head, pale skin and fair hair; they are teething slowly, and learn to walk slowly; they are shy, cautious and fearful. The elder patients suffer from malnutrition, are inclined to take frequent colds, and to have increased mucous secretions.

Calcarea people are overworked and exhausted. As a consequence, they develop aversion to work and exhaustion. They become worrying all the time about their responsibilities and duties. Concentrated on little and insignificant things, their mind constantly dwells upon those, unable to see the whole picture.

Gradually they become forgetful, confused; start making mistakes and fail to express themselves correctly. They begin to suffer from weak memory, which makes them poor learners. All of this together leads them being low spirited and apprehensive, especially towards the evening; and they become hopeless of ever getting well.

Fear Related Symptoms

Overtaken by worries and cares, the person begins to fear about imaginary things – things that might happen to her. One and the same thought is swirling in her head at night, impossible to be avoided even during short sleep. Fears from misery, disaster, insanity; fear from being observed; fear excited by reports of accidents and cruelties; of misfortune, of contagious disease; and above all one concern is seizing: the thought of losing their reason.


Calcarea carbonica is among the three most important anti-psorrics in Homeopathy, and one of the biggest polychrests.

It is important cure for constitutional diseases like: anemia, diseases of bones, defective breast feeding, swollen breasts, osteoporosis, cataract, debility, diabetes, epilepsy, eyes disorders, glandular swellings, goiter, gonorrhea, gout, hydrocephalus, joints disorders, malnutrition, melancholy, menses disorders, miscarriages, neuralgias, obesity, osteomyelitis, paralysis, parotiditis, peritonitis, plethora, polyps, psoriasis Palmaris, rheumatism, rickets, tuberculosis, tumors, uterus disorders, varicose veins, worms.


The essence in correlation with Calcarea carbonica is Mimulus.

Mimulus – Fear from something that can be described – sickness, pain, accident, poverty, darkness, loneliness, bad luck. However these people are quiet and mild, and carry their burden without speaking of it with others.

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