Fear in Homeopathy | Major Homeopathic Remedies for Fear & Fright

Fear in Homeopathy | Major Homeopathic Remedies for Fear & Fright

Aconitum napellus | Wolf’s Bane

Well known are the possibilities of this blessed remedy in acute diseases, especially colds, croup, bronchitis, nephritis, etc. However Aconitum is also the first remedy to give in situations of fright, sudden unexpected fear and shock.

Causation: shock, fright, witnessing imminent death, chill at dry cold wind, sun overheating, injuries, surgical interventions

Very often after trauma or injuries, while treating the consequences with Arnica, Bellis or Hypericum, we miss Aconitum in the majority of cases due to the urgency of the matter; while it should be given first. Of course not every traumatic case requires Aconitum. The other key symptoms for this remedy should also be present; and these are the great restlessness, excitability and the grand fear from death.

Fear Related Symptoms

Aconitum treats sudden, unexpected and unwanted conditions, which has happened so fast that the patient has turned into a mental shock. The patients are convinced that they will die and are so certain that they predict the time of death. In the same time they dread death so much they fall into panic state.

The panic attacks are so violent and sudden, as if their entire inner self is shaking tremendously. The fear reflects on the nervous and vascular systems. People are restless in the meaning of physical anxiety; they have palpitation of the heart, plethora, numbness of certain bodily parts, usually one sided; fainting, perspiring, suffocating (dyspnea) conditions are often observed during the panic attacks.

Between the panic states patient is calm, extroverted, sympathetic, nice in company. Or, has alternating moods like complaining, reproaching others, oversensitive to noise, touch, light, indifferent to others, even misanthropic, and quarrelsome.


Aconitum heals pathologies developed after fright or fear. Among them are: blindness, chill, convulsions, deafness, dyspnea, noises in ears, hydrophobia, enlargement of liver, neuralgia, spasms of esophagus, enlargement of spleen, tetanus.


Corresponding to Aconitum flower essences are Aspen and Rock rose.

Rock rose is remedy for acute states of fear and dread, and also for nervousness, lack of stamina, anxiety states with accelerated pulse, hypersensitivity to noises and light, insomnia and nightmares.

Aspen essence helps when the person is hunted by vague fears without explanation or motive. People are terrified that something awful will happen, not knowing exactly what they are afraid of. They fear also to tell their friends and relatives.

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