Fear in Homeopathy | Major Homeopathic Remedies for Fear & Fright

Fear in Homeopathy | Major Homeopathic Remedies for Fear & Fright

Argentum nitricum

Argentum nitricum is one remedy which mental and emotional picture is marked with specific fears, anxiety and fixed ideas.

Causation: fright, shock, apprehension, anticipation, intemperance

These are optimistic and open people. They are extremely emotional, extroverted, and sympathetic; so sharp are their emotions that they can be moved to tears by someone else’s suffering (this is similar to the reaction of Phosphorus). In those cases they cannot hold the emotions though don’t want to cry before others. So much expressive they are, and this is valid for all their feelings – they can’t hold them for long.

The extroversion gives rise to great and unexpected irritability, as if a sudden flame is bursting out and shortly afterwards goes extinct. Their love for company and life leads them quite often to lots of excessive behavior, intemperance living with many tasty foods, sexual relations and other forms of hedonistic life.

Argentum nitricum is remedy for artists who perform on stage – singers, public speakers. Their anticipation before performance is marked. The person is eager in his anticipation, his emotions are so strong, he is so overflowing with them, that his coordination and balance become disturbed on all levels. The mind is therefore weakening, and many impulses and fears spring out.

Another cause for Arg-n pathology can be the emotional shock from death or serious disease in someone close to them – family or friends. Then the person develops extreme anxiety for his own health and for the health of those closest to him.

Fear Related Symptoms

As a consequence from the anticipation people become very hurried when expecting some engagement; cannot hold their anxiety, even their walking is affected, and they walk very fast as if are late for something. They all the time have the feeling they are constantly late, and cannot finish what they’ve started. Constantly on the move, but actually not doing much.

The impulses these people have are various. They have strong sudden desire to jump from a height; they even imagine how they do this, the idea becomes fixed in their mind; and in the last moment they abandon from this intention.  Another fixed idea is that a car hits them, or that something falls upon their heads from the heights while walking on the streets; they actually see these things happening. They are afraid to walk nearby tall buildings, imagining how the buildings draw closer and fall upon them. They are afraid to look up towards the high buildings; afraid from heights, from narrow bridges, from tunnels, from crowds.

The fear from death and from serious disease make them fear to be alone, to be in hospital, or from fainting. Great fear from death when alone at night. All fears ameliorate in company.


On physical level Argentum nitricum heals many disorders: acidity, Addison’s disease, anemia, dyspepsia, epilepsy, eructation, erysipelas, affections of the eyes, flatulence, gastric ulcer, gonorrhea, headache, impetigo, neuralgia, enlargement of prostate, scarlatina, small-pox, throat affections, ulcerations of tongue, warts, etc.


Rock rose, Cherry plum and Aspen are Bach essences that complements the treatment with Arg-n.

Cherry Plum – this is the essence for wild impulses. For people who are afraid from losing their common sense and hence doing some terrible things; the interesting point is that they are uncertain whether they really don’t want to do those things.

About Rock rose and Aspen see the section of Aconitum.

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