Fear in Homeopathy | Major Homeopathic Remedies for Fear & Fright

Fear in Homeopathy | Major Homeopathic Remedies for Fear & Fright

Arsenicum album

It is difficult to describe Arsenicum briefly. This is a remedy of deep action, embracing wide scale of functional disorders and “incurable” diseases. A remedy for heavy pathologies, abnormal pains, and very much fear.

Arsenicum can cure the effects from long time endurance to enormous demands. The temperament of Ars is exceedingly nervous, constantly moving about, restless and inclined to fright. On physical level the remedy is frequently applied for ill effects from alkali rich food, fruits, especially watery fruits. The typical Arsenicum patient usually has fair complexion, fine skin and glossy hair; or the opposite; they have dry, rough, scaly and unhealthy looking skin. There are many contradictions about Arsenicum.

Causation: chill in the water, eating icy cold food, malnutrition, fruits, alcohol abuse, sea bathing, at the seaside, climbing mountains, strain, fit of passion, care, grief, fright. Financial loss, Poverty.

When we speak of Arsenicum fears we must always bear in mind the deep seated restlessness and anxiety of these people. Their fears have long time history; they have endured many challenges; have defied lots of battles in their life. Arsenicum patient is prone to fear, prone to be anxious, tremendously frightened about his health and from loneliness in the face of death. Order is one thing they desire above all, and order gives them strength and feeling of confidence and safety. That is why Arsenicum is fastidious about little things moved from their ordinary places; he is all the time arranging, cleaning, washing and making all efforts to maintain certainty about his habits in his longing to live predictable life.

Fear Related Symptoms

Arsenicum patient has more fears, is more frightened and is worrying much more than any other remedy in homeopathic Materia Medica. He is desperate, weeping and driving from place to place in searching for a relief. Afraid to be alone he is, in the bed; afraid from hearing bad news; has causeless fears; has fear from having cancer.

Arsenicum is the one patient who will always search to hear more than one medical opinion about his condition. He is suspicious about doctors not telling him the truth; that drives him from one doctor to another, convinced that he is gravely ill and will die from some incurable disease. There comes his inability to endure to be alone at home – he is afraid to die – and seeks presence of people constantly.

They are mentally restless but physically are too weak to move. They have depressing, melancholy, despairing and indifferent disposition. They may develop inclination to suiside, after midnight. When alone, Arsenicum people think of their disease; think that they will die from it and it is useless to take medicine. The greater the physical suffering is, the stronger the fear from death.


Arsenicum album covers practically all types of diseases. However the remedy has affinity to mucous membranes, mind, respiration and spleen. The right side is more affected.

Some of the conditions cured by Arsenicum are: eye disorders, face eruptions, food poisoning, gangrene, gastric ulcers, glandular swellings, gout, hay asthma, heart disorders, herpes zoster, hydrothorax, ichthyosis, intermittent fever, kidney disease, leucorrhea, leukemia, lung disorders, lupus, malaria, malignant pustules, measles, menstruation disorders, myelitis, paralysis, peritonitis, pityriasis, plethora, pleurisy, pneumonia, psoriasis, rheumatism, rickets, ringworm, scarlatina, sciatica, scrofulous disorders, traumatic fever, typhus, vomiting, whooping cough, worms.


The Bach essences which cover part of Arsenicum album fears are Rock rose and Red chestnut. About Rock rose see the section of Aconitum.

Red Chestnut – this essence covers the indistinct fears of Arsenicum about his close relatives and family. People who suffer deeply that something bad will happen to those they love and cannot avoid this fears at any cost, will benefit from Red chestnut flower.

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