Home Made Diaper Rash Marigold Lotion

Home Made Diaper Rash Marigold Lotion

This lotion works always and reliably sooths the irritated skin and calms down the baby. In most cases it is perfectly enough to solve the problem, without the need to resort to homeopathic remedy. The lotion contains only two ingredients and can be prepared by anyone at home for 14 days. Those who can’t wait or don’t want to bother can use some of the lotions offered in the stores.

Diaper rash is quite commonly observed in babies. It can be a sign of low hygiene but also of some malaise, bad effect from teething etc.

How to Recognize the Symptoms

The skin around anus and buttocks is painful, fiery red and raw, possibly due frequent irritant stools. This is very common during dentition, in babies up to six months, even to one year. Sometimes the inflamed area is raised due to infection with Candida microorganisms. In this case the baby will probably need a homeopathic remedy.

When neglected, the diaper rash may extend to the genital region and inflame or ulcerate it. Sometimes the rash envelopes the entire lumbosacral area of the back; it makes the baby extremely restless, anxious and sleepless.

2 Ingredients Lotion

This lotion is prepared in pure olive oil. It must be cold pressed.

Pure Olive oil contains calcium and iron, all fat-soluble vitamins: A, D, E and K, and is highly nutritious and beneficial for health of the arteries. In cosmetics olive oil is used against hair loss, chapped skin, dry skin etc.


Calendula officinalis

Calendula officinalis

Marigold is the common name of Calendula officinalis plant. It is a remedy with immense importance in homeopathy, used for traumatic affections to secure union by first intention and prevent suppuration, for external wounds with or without loss of substance; torn and jagged looking wounds; post-surgical operations; to promote healthy granulation and prevent excessive suppuration and disfiguring scars.

In herbal therapy marigold flower has similar, and even broader application. It is called ‘an entire apothecary in one raceme’. Herbalists use it for stomach and duodenum ulcer, ailments of heart and arteries, gastrointestinal disturbances, ulcerous varicose veins, sclerosis of vessels, inflammation of gums, liver & spleen diseases, threatening abortion, cancer of the breast etc.

Preparation and Dosage

Take 150 ml pure extra virgin olive oil. If you have fresh Marigold plant you will need 65 blossoms. You may also use 25 grams dried.

Put the blossoms on the bottom of a light glass jar and pour the olive oil upon it. Stop firmly the jar and put it on a sunny sill for two weeks.

Percolate the lotion into a dark glass bottle with firm stopper and keep it in coll dark cabinet. Apply the lotion at the affected area after cleaning the skin with water. Let the skin absorb the lotion before putting the diaper.


More important compatible homeopathic remedies

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