Homeopathic Amylenum nitrosum | Ischemic Heart Disease

Homeopathic Amylenum nitrosum | Ischemic Heart Disease

“The most striking action of the drug is the deep facial flushing it causes and the pulsation all over the body.”
J.H. Clarke, Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica

Ischemic Heart Disease

Ischemia means lack of oxygen and nutrients supplied by blood to organs and tissues – brain, kidneys, heart, lower limbs. The ischemic heart disease affects arteries which supply myocardium, the cardiac muscle, with blood. Myocardium needs oxygen in order to be able to contract constantly and pump out the blood from the heart through the entire system.

From outside heart is covered by arteries and arterioles, an entire network of coronary vessels which only purpose is to supply the myocardium with blood rich of oxygen. These vessels have about 50 percent reserves; i.e. constriction may affect half of the arteries, and still enough blood will reach the myocardium. There are two mechanisms for constriction of coronaries: formation of atherosclerotic plaques in coronary arteries and coronary spasm.

The ischemic disease is dynamic. This means that with 70 percent arterial constriction exertion starts to matter. While patient is at rest the heart receives enough blood but when patient is put under physical exertion the quantity of blood which passes through the coronaries won’t be enough. Therefore ischemic disease of the heart is a constant condition for certain period, due to a disturbed dynamic balance between need and supply of oxygen to the myocardium.

The larger the vessel which is constricted, the biggest the area of myocardium suffering from diminished quantity of oxygen. When coronaries get entirely plugged, the blood flow to those parts of myocardium supplied by the constricted vessel is stopped and patient gets a myocardial infarction. Cells of myocardium in ischemic area die.

Homeopathic Treatment of Ischemic Heart Disease

There are homeopathic remedies used for treatment of cardiovascular pathology.  One of them is Amylenum nitrosum – a small remedy with prominent rapid action on the arteries and capillaries. It is found curable in cases of hypertension, threatening heart attack, angina pectoris, chronic goitre and violent heart palpitations. The remedy has cured heavy congestive headache with throbbing and vertigo, and convulsions with shrilling cry. Bellow are listed those signs, which in a patient lead unmistakably to the prescription of Amylenum nitrosum, irrespectively of the specific diagnosis.

Surge of Blood

All cases of Amylenum nitrosum are marked with unusual blushing. The least bodily or mental excitement, the slightest emotion leads to hot flushing. Face is deeply flushed, scarlet red, due to intense surging of blood to face and head.

There is a feeling of constriction along the carotid arteries on each side of the trachea, with tickling in throat. The patient needs to loosen the collar due to chocking sensation in the throat. This feeling could progress downward to the chest, provoking short asthmatic breathing. There will be inclination to cough and to eructate, due to a sensation of unusual fullness in the chest. The cough will be paroxysmal, very frequent, in some cases involuntary.

Specific Heart Sensations of Amylenim nitrosum

With the above described symptoms, chest region above the heart and lower ribs is oppressed and anxious. Front of chest is felt as if filled with air and bulging. Heartbeat is accelerated and intense, tumultuous. Pulse is full and strong, unlike Digitalis. The patient feels the heart is constricted. All arteries are felt full and congested, but especially both carotid arteries alongside the trachea. The violent beating of the heart is clearly seen on both sides of the front neck. Throat is also felt constricted. Chest – oppressed. All limbs are felt tired but especially the right arm, shoulder and scapula. The anxiety and constrictive pain about the heart somehow are extending towards the right arm. The pain is violent, patient is in agony.

Course of Treatment

Ischemic heart disease is chronic condition. Therefore for successful homeopathic treatment is needed time, and of course choice of the right remedy. Very careful must be chosen the potency with regards to the pathology. The more advanced pathology is, the lower the potency should be.


Blood surges to head, face is fiery red. Flushing heat with following unilateral perspiration. Causation: trifles, heat, slightest emotion. Strong desire for fresh air, aggravated in warm room, wants to open window. Better from open cold air and from cold water. Pain about the heart is agonizng and embraces the right shoulder and arm. Pulse is accelerated, full and strong. Heart and throat are constricted. The carotid arteries are throbbing violently and visibly.

Clinically Amylenum nitrosum is indicated in cases of chronic hypertension, cardiovascular disease, menopause, exophtalm.

*Bibliography: J.H. Clarke, Dictionary of Practical Materia Medica