Homeopathic Remedies for Croup

Homeopathic Remedies for Croup

“In no other disease is the triumph of Homoeopathy over Allopathic practice more evident or more grateful than in this.”

Dr. H. N. Guernsey in “Application of Principles of Homeopathy to Obstetrix”

Croup is an inflammatory disease of the larynx and trachea resulting in a copious exudation upon the mucous membrane. The disease is also known as acute laryngitis, acute tracheitis, angina membranacea, depending on its stage.

It affects mostly children between 2-7 years of age, or between the first and second dentition. It rarely occurs before the 2nd than after the 7th year among children, and same is situation among adults. That’s why croup is known as an early childhood disease.

However, being a disease of week constitution, croup is also observed to affect elder people who suffer from chronic diseases and who have no vital strenght.

In our days most common is false croup, or pseudo croup.

What are the Symptoms

The inflammation is violent, affecting the mucous membrane lining the windpipe, and especially the bronchi. The secretion is thick and viscid, concretes almost immediately. The condition is serious and may become dangerous, because it impedes the respiration.

Croup usually starts like common cold with hoarse voice, followed by fever, anxiety, short and difficult breathing. There are cases when the fever is absent. The respiration becomes wheezing, whistling, or rattling, accompanied by loud cough, which sounds as if from deep tube, like crowing, barking or ringing.

Children who can speak will tell you that their throat hurts on attempts to cough; you will hear them weeping from the expected pain on coughing. With your ears you’ll be able to hear the rattling of the mucous in the trachea. It is so stick, the child is unable to loose it, and pain on the attempts of coughing it out is unbearable. That is why the cough sound is ringing, barking, scraping, barking.

In any case of doubts of a croup, you must not hesitate and should immediately seek qualified help. If not, the child may suffocate. Main purpose of this article is to let you know that croup is entirely curable by homeopathic remedies; the cure comes fast, mildly and effective. But my honest advice to you is: find experienced homeopath, one whose practice is with children and infants; for croup is one of the most dangerous diseases of children and healing must be held by a professional.


Three homeopathic remedies are most commonly prescribed in croup cases; according to Dr. Boenninghausen, in his entire practice he healed more than 400 cases, applying only one or two of them; in very rare occasions he needed the three of them.

Aconitum napellus

This remedy should always be given at the first; if given in the very beginning of the disease, it will be enough for its entire cure. Usually after exposure of dry cold wind, the child wakes up around or after midnight with dry barking cough, impeded respiration and significant motor anxiety. Child might have fever accompanied with dry burning skin. According to Dr. W. E. Payne: “Cough and loud breathing during expiration, but not during inspiration. Every expiration ends with a hoarse hacking cough.”

Spongia tosta

It’s not easy to differentiate Spong. from Acon. If there is no amelioration after Acon. or there is, but only for a while. The child is afraid from coughing; pain is in the larynx or in the trachea. The hoarseness is strong and the cough sounds as if someone is cutting with a saw, scrapping. Cough ameliorates from drinking warm fluids or after eating of warm food.

Hepar sulphur

There is much mucus in the air passages, and respiration is rattling; the cough is sounding moist; or there are symptoms of suffocation when lying down. Usually Hep. is not that fast in the beginning as is Acon.; it is possible the child has experienced some symptoms for a couple of days before the acute inflammation. Symptoms are covered by Spong. also, only the cough is moister. As a general, Hep. child will feel better from warmth and worse from least uncovering or exposure to a cold air or a draft.

In some cases croup recurs after you think child is healed. In other cases the infection continues to affect the bronchi, in other words after croup you face bronchitis. In our days the grippe and para-grippe viruses mute constantly, not least because of the inappropriate allopathic treatment. Some of the follow-up croup remedies you may find in the article about healing of bronchitis.

Finally, I will again quote Dr. H. N. Guernsey in “Application of Principles of Homeopathy to Obstetrix”, where he wrote about croup treatment:

“… in no other disease is the triumph of Homoeopathy over Allopathic practice more evident or more grateful than in this.”