Homeopathic Remedies for Incomplete or Absent Erection

Homeopathic Remedies for Incomplete or Absent Erection

The homeopathic approach to the erectile dysfunction is holistic. The entire personality of an individual, together with his specific reaction to the external irritating factors, has significance for the prescription of the right remedy. The causation of the impotence is essential for prescription.
In this article are included the three major remedies for incomplete or absent erection – Lycopodium, Agnus castus and Caladium.

lycopodiumLycopodium clavatum

Lycopodium is apt to intellectually keen but physically weak people. The first impression about them is of emaciation of the upper part of the body versus massive hips and thighs, together with prematurely old expression on their faces. The forehead has many wrinkles; they look tired, and feel tired. They suffer from chronic fatigue, forgetfulness, aversion to undertaking anything new, aversion to appearing in any new role, aversion to their own work.

Lycopodium is a remedy for men who feel continually increasing fear of appearing in public. This fear is seen in men who practice professions that actually require such appearances, like lawyers or politicians. They develop feeling of incompetence, of inability to undertake the task, although they had been accustomed to it for many years.

It is manifestation of the insecurity feeling of Lycopodium, so well known characteristic of this polychrest.

On a physical level people suffer from chronic gastro-intestinal disorders, urinary infection, right-sided complaints, and sexual problems.

Erectile Dysfunction

Lycopodium is one of the most prominent remedies for impotency of a man with his wife.

It is a remedy for men who are unable to obtain erections or the erections are too weak or too short; and who hold no sexual desire to their wives; who have low self-confidence, fear responsibilities, and act like are haughty, dictatorial and pompous.

There is one marked characteristic of Lycopodium on mental level. He is capable of leading rather promiscuous sexual life. However, when he comes to the point of commitment, his interest and potency suddenly drop. He begins to lose his erection, or to ejaculate too soon.

At certain point from his life this man develops aversion to women, especially to his partner in life. It is quite possible that this partner is not his wife, for he averse the marriage either. But even if he actually is married, he will find his secretary more attractive than his wife. He will feel estranged from his family – yes, from his kids also.

In the basis of his problem is his aversion to responsibility for his wife and family. At home he acts despotically, talks with air of command. He is misanthropic, suspicious and reluctant to conversations. Nice in society but tyrant at home. However his dictatorial behavior is just a compensatory mechanism to his secret uncertainty.

The Chaste Tree

The Chaste Tree

Agnus castus

Agnus chief effect is on the sexual organs. It cures impotence and infertility. More pronounced action Agnus has on males. The main symptom which intrusively occurs in men is the complete relaxation of sexual organs.

These are sad, desperate people; mentally distracted, forgetful of what had just read. Young people have, like Lycopodium, prematurely old face.

Sometimes they feel as if they were nobody. In those moments they’d prefer to be dead, rather than feeling this way. Often they reproach themselves about missed chances in their lives. The depression is accompanied by with fixed idea of approaching death. Men share that they will die soon, so there’s no point of doing nothing.

The causation for the impotence may be found in previous excessive sexual experience in the meaning of frequent change of partners, violent masturbation, and possibly venereal diseases. The patter are the most dangerous because they leave ill consequences on the entire organism.

Erectile Dysfunction

The loss of erection is complete. The genitals are cold and relaxed. The sexual desire is almost or entirely gone. If there is any emission, it is scanty, without ejaculation. The testicles are hard, swollen, cold and painful.

For these people is best to combine Agnus with Bach flower remedies.

Caladium seguinum

Caladium is a remedy with marked action on genitals and nerves, mucous membranes and skin. It produces much irritation and burning sensation.

These are people very sensitive to noise. The slightest noise starts them in their sleep. They are inclined to rest. Confused, cannot concentrate, forgetful, very irritable and depressed, and with great aversion to move, they even dread motion.

They are anxious and careful for their health, nervous, restless and addicted to smoking. They have great desire for tobacco; and the tobacco is one of the causative factors for their ED. The others are former gonorrhea and masturbation.

They refuse to take medicine, fearing from their own shadow, just not to catch any disease.

On physical level these people can endure days without feel any thirst, or appetite. Not that they are not eating or drinking – but it’s just because they need it. The only thing they crave is tobacco.

Erectile Dysfunction

The impotence is accompanied by great sexual desire and excitement (unlike Agnus but like Lycopodium), and depression at the same time. The penis is relaxed, the testicles are like rag both parts are flaccid.

He may have erections when half asleep but they cease when he fully awakes. The genitals are cold like in Agnus – but the sexual desire is intensive. Even after stimulation there is no erection, no emission, and no orgasm.

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