Dynamic Cure

Dynamic Cure


The healing energy is unseen; it influences in a dynamic way the organism. Because the disease itself is provoked in the organism by a dynamic influence, healing of this disease is possible only by a remedy that possesses same potential power.

This article starts with the word ‘How’ and not ‘Whether’, though on many sites on the net and from many media is proclaimed that homeopathic remedies don’t always work, and that there is no scientific evidence about the effect they have on human organism. Widespread are the affirmations that the action of these remedies is still unknown; that perhaps they fit for minor cases but no for serious diseases; that there is no constantly observed action, and that homeopathic treatment is barely scientific; that on the contrary, it’s chaotic and verging with quackery.

These affirmations are absolutely wrong.

The Manifested & Secluded Enemy

All these speaking are governed by pharmaceutical industry, together with the official traditional western medicine, where really big economic interests are concentrated. This is an entirely independent subject of another series of articles; but here I want to point it out, for it is important. These two mastodons drive falsehood into people heads. The pharmaceutical companies have neither worth nor benefit in recognizing the effectiveness of Homeopathy, or its scientific basement. The last thing they’d need would be to admit that homeopathic treatment helps people to think with their own minds and drives them up to a healthier state, making them less dependable from the official medical system.

This system is in fact so deeply integrated with the governments all over the world that it is practically impossible to separate them. The official character of the traditional western medicine is closely interlaced with the pharmaceutical industry, which naturally provides the official medicine with the so needed resources for impact on people’s health – the chemical medications. So the propaganda is not very manifest but is always there – every time you open the TV or go to see your GP. It cannot be other way. The very existence of this ‘Medicine & Government – Pharmacy’ system is premised by this fiction – that humanity will not be able to survive without it – and they do all they can to maintain it in people’s minds.

People who treat their selves with Homeopathy easily come up to the point, not to believe and not to follow outer influences – influences that make them feel dependable and to think that nothing is really in their hands, least their health.

Human health is in the hands of the human beings. It is not dependable on vaccines, chemical medications, or doctors. There is a natural way for living, followed by many people and if they can do it, you are not an exception. Your health is in your mind. Learn to think unbound and you’ll be free to live naturally healthy life.

Samuel Hahnemann

Before going in depth of the medicinal essence of homeopathic remedies, I want to point out the initial source of homeopathic science, where from classical homeopaths worldwide gained their knowledge. Sammuel Hahnemann is the founder of Classical Homeopathy. Thanks to his thorough knowledge, and life dedicated to Homeopathy, we have today at our disposal a fully developed healing medicinal system, which is one of the few of the kind that provides real cure and allows reaching a higher level of health. Into his book ‘Organon of Medicine’ Hahnemann explains about the healing characteristics of homeopathic medicinal remedies as well as of the way these remedies act on humans.

In another article I‘ll write about the living force as the engine of human being as living, thinking, feeling and normally functioning oneness. Living force is very important to be understood, for upon this phenomenon Hahnemann had built the entire science of Classical Homeopathy. Living force and the human being are one integrated entity. Living force is the driving force that maintains in harmony and order all sensations and functions of the organism. For being there a disease, first is the living force affected by dynamic influence by outer hostile agent. Note that I’m using the word ‘dynamic’ – because we refer here to energy, not material influences. Affected that way, the living force is no more able to maintain the harmony of all sensations and functions in the natural way. Thus appear the morbid alterations we observe in a person and call symptoms.

Principle of Action of the Homeopathic Remedies

Symptoms are our only guide; only through them we may discover that the living force is harmed, for the living force itself is unseen. The totality of symptoms gives us picture of the disease.

The medicinal homeopathic preparations (remedies) have the ability and strength to alter people’s health, by provoking the living force to produce ill symptoms in the organism. This strength of homeopathic remedies had been tested by healthy people and proven by them. Entire healing force of the remedies is due to this ability: they can provoke certain morbid symptoms and therefore they can heal those (or similar) symptoms when such appear in human organism.

Every homeopathic medicine has its own specific energy. Once applied, it influences the affected person in a dynamic way, acting on the spiritual living force. Each remedy has its own inherent healing energy to influence the living force; there are no two identical remedies.

The healing energy is unseen; it influences in a dynamic way the organism. Because the disease itself is provoked in the organism by a dynamic influence, healing of this disease is possible only by a remedy that possesses same potential power.

Thus we reach to the natural homeopathic law of healing, which reads as follows: ‘A dynamic affection (damage) on the living organism shall be constantly destroyed by a stronger dynamic affection, IF the latter, though different by its nature, is very similar to the initial (weaker) dynamic affection’. This homeopathic law is unconditionally proven by empiric experience for about 200 years. But what actually happens when we apply homeopathic remedy?

The Process of Healing

The remedy artificially initiates in the organism the so-called ‘medicinal disease’. It dynamically influences the organism, bringing in a totality of ill symptoms, very similar to the initial picture of the disease arisen in the sick person; only, the medicinal disease of the homeopathic remedy was a little bit stronger than the original one. This is the so-called ‘primary action of the homeopathic remedy’. The living force is weakened and susceptible to the outer influence; thus it becomes affected.

What happens next is that the living force is awakened. It opposes to the influence of the remedy, starting to resist and fight the morbid attack. Now, do notice that the disease remedy brings into organism is only artificial; it’s lasting is very short and thus, after remedy’s action is exhausted, the living force is remained to face the real disease (which is easy, because it is very similar to the artificial one and it is weaker) and to destroy it. This is the ‘secondary action of the remedy’ – it thus allows the living force to bring back the organism to the state of balance and health.

As you may have already considered, the process of healing is natural and logical. The one who really heals is not the remedy – the real healer is the living force itself. Homeopathic remedies give only a ‘reminder’ to the living force, about who actually is the enemy; the rest is done by the living force of each person alone. So you see, the state of health is reinstated by mild, natural way. This way of healing is inherent only to Homeopathy and no other medicine, would it be traditional or alternative.

The medicinal affection of the remedies acts every time, on every person, provoking the ill symptoms that are inherent to the respective remedy and curable by it. But the remedy will only cure when the morbid symptoms it had provoked are in the highest degree similar to those due to be cured.

Unlike to the medicinal affection, the affection from the outer hostile agents does not always take place upon the living force. You don’t get sick every time a grippe or a viral infection is striking down people around you. Wonder why? Well, but that would be the subject of another article.