Homeopathic Treatment of Bronchitis

Homeopathic Treatment of Bronchitis

Manifestation of the Disease | Prophylactics

This article presents the pictures of 12 homeopathic remedies and outlines the stages of the disease they are apt to. 

The inflammation of the bronchi affects infants, elder children and adults. It may be developed after coryza or cold; and when cases of frequent bronhitis were treated repeatedly with allopathic medications, the disease may become chronic.

Teething of infants can predispose them to bronchial catarrh. The disease usually hits during earlier months of spring, in late autumn and in winter. Exposure to cold or damp weather facilitates the inflammation; same effect has the change of weather from cold to wet and mild, or from warm to cold. The disease often takes epidemic scale.

It is a dangerous affection, much more severe in little children than in adults. It varies from lesser to more severe forms. It may commence with subferile condition or high fever, and more or less catarrhal secretion.

Best response to bronchitis gives the strong constitution. Bronchitis is a disease of the delicate, the thin, the very young or the very old; in general – of the weak constitutions. People who live naturally stand best chance of having healthy lungs. Stress, emmotional pressure, mental exertion, unhealthy food habits, sedentary way of life, abuse of allopathic medications – these are factors weakening the organism.

If neglected or cured wrongly, the disease may spread to lungs and turn into pneumonia, or may cause respiration difficulties or even arrest, especially in child & infants cases.

Acute Bronchitis

Acute inflammation of the bronchi may affect larger tubes, which is often called bronchial catarrh or acute tracheo-bronchitis; it may affect the smaller tubes – known as capillary bronchitis. In their majority, the cases of acute bronchitis are caused by flu, measles, whooping-cough, croup, etc. Therefore, it is very important to take into account the symptoms of the causative disease.

Chronic Bronchitis

The inflammation might also be secondary to some initial affection to health, or caused by mechanical and chemical agents like polluted dusty air, chemical in the air, etc. The bronchial catarrh might be supurative; it is then known as acute purulent bronchitis or suffocative catarrh (there you might need to check the remedies for croup).

Chronic bronchitis usually arises after repetition of the acute form, or when the disease had been neglected.


Children and infants may be given Oscillococcinum in the beginning of transitional seasons; because bronchitis is a frequently developed complication from common cold.

Prophycaltics is also recommended for everyone during epidemics of flu. Usually one doze per day for up to 7 days should be enough; during epidemics this period should be extended till the epidemic is over.

Initial Stage | Remedies

Aconitum napellus

As in croup cases, in bronchitis also, in the very beginning of the inflammation Acon is usually the indicated remedy. This remedy is characterized with great anxiety, on physical and mental level. The patient feels chilly, temperature rises high, the body burns but not perspires; the skin is dry. The beginning is sudden, usually after exposure to dry cold wind or after wetting the feet. The cough is dry, croupy, especially in children.

Ferrum phosphoricum

This remedy is also indicated in the beginning of the inflammation. The temperature is very high, the face is red but the nervous anxiety is not as high as with Acon. Redness is like circles on the cheeks; often redness of the face alternates with paleness. Ferr-phos has marked action when the picture of the disease is not clear; it may interrupt the morbid process entirely.


Atropa belladonna (Bell.) is well known and widely prescribed homeopathic remedy; perhaps even more often than it’s just to be, because not always Bell. is entirely homeopathic to the morbid picture. It’s easy to misdiagnose Bell. with Ferr-phos and Acon. However, Bell. follows well after Acon. or Ferr-phos in cases when the fever continues after their application, accompanied by perspiration of covered parts of the body. The face is red and burning, the head is hot while the extremities are cold.

After the application of Acon., Ferr-phos. or Bell., it is probable that disease will be interrupted; more probable when the constitution of the patient is strong.

More common though are the cases, in which those remedies lead to more clear manifestation of additional symptoms, which were not so visible in the beginning of the disease.

Slow Development

bryoniaBronchitis is cunning disease; many times one may think bronchitis was healed while the ill condition was sub-developing, just to reappear after several hours or one day, in more severe form. In other cases the disease is developing slowly and unnoticed.

Following two remedies are indicated in such occasions.

Bryonia alba

The patient is much worse. Temperature is high, patient is tormented by great thirst for large quantities of water; the lips are dry, chapped. The respiration is short, interrupted by dry tormenting cough; the cough is so painful that the patient is holding his hands in the chest, to avoid the pain. Bry. is extremely aggravated by slightest motion; that’s why they want to lie motionless and not to be disturbed by anything and anyone.

This remedy affects the serous membranes, the joints, the chest. These people feel great stiffness on each attempt to move, together with great dryness on all levels. They are very irritable, often compared to “angry bear”, and their reaction to the homeopath will be impolite, even rude. They may even sit, turning their back to the other people present in the room, to express more clearly their disinclination to communicate.

Bry. is slow remedy. It is very probable Bry. to be the exact remedy for your case of bronchitis since the very beginning; especially when symptoms developed slowly over few days, accompanied by headache, thirst, irritability and common indisposition, followed by direct affection in the chest. Bry. is also remedy for cases of broncho-pneumonia and pleurisy.


After Bry., Sulph. may be indicated, in cases when the fever comes and goes after little sweating. This remedy might clear some psoric blockage in front of the full recovery. Sulph. may entirely end up the case or to point out to another applicable remedy. The remedy is more applicable in children cases.

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