Homeopathic Treatment of Bronchitis

Homeopathic Treatment of Bronchitis

Chronic Stage

When bronchitis is chronic condition or is recurrent to the same patient, or the case is not showing durable amelioration, the following remedies may be applicable.

Hepar sulphur

Hep. has peculiar moist, loose, rattling cough, accompanied by difficulties in respiration, which sounds wheezing, rattling. The cough is not so dry as Bry., or so barking as Spong., the expectoration is scanty. Cough is worse by exposure to cold air, and from least uncovering. Hep. is indicated in purulent bronchitis; this remedy has affinity to supurative processes in general.


The cough is hard, dry with great soreness from larynx down through trachea into the chest. Key characteristic of this remedy is the involuntary passing of little quantities of urine during the cough.The pathology of Caust. is deep; there is much rigidity on all levels.Marked indication for Caust. in bronchitis cases shall be the weakness in muscles, which obtrude the coughing: the patient cannot cough deep enough to expectorate; the expectorated substance goes back down in the chest. There is also tickling in throat before cough, which ameliorates from sups of cold water.

Caust and Phosphorus are difficult to distinguish; and remember that none of both remedies should be given directly after the other. Mutually, they do not follow well.


Phos. is deep acting remedy of the tubercular miasm. It is very valuable in cases of serious inflammations of bronchi and lungs. Especially applicable is to tall, fine, thin people, children who are thinning down, are delicate and mentally bright, very excitable from external impressions.

Child is afraid from the dark, afraid from being alone, sees scary faces looking to it from the corners of the room. Cough is so painful, that patient is afraid from it and is holding his breath to prevent from coughing (especially the children). Larynx is so painful; Cough is worse in the evening, and from lying on the left side.

In Phos. there is sensitiveness to sudden changes in temperature. Each cold leads to affections in the lower respiratory, bronchi and lungs.

Note again, that Caust. and Phos. are incompatible remedies.

Prescription of them one after another may lead to great aggravations in the patient. It should be done only when the symptoms are totally clear, pointing exactly to the respective remedy. These are the cases when the choice of potency is extremely important. The wrong potency could make the patient so much worse, that you may even think that remedy was ill chosen; while it was the potency.

carbo-vegLoss of Vital Power

Next two remedies are inportant when threatment fails due to weakened constitution. Usually they are applicable to old peaople or little children who has no vital power to defeat the disease.

Antimonium tartaricum

Ant-t. is important remedy for children and elder people who suffer from much mucus in the bronchi but are unable to expectorate, and cough is rare and weak. The breathing is loud, wheeze, even rude; and it is clearly heard with simple ear, that there is great quantity of secretion in the chest. The respiration is rattling, the cough is weak and ineffective.

Ant-t. is remedy for serious conditions, where the mucus is so abundant that the patient becomes cyanosed and cannot raise it. Usually the people who need this remedy are ill-humored, irritable persons. Children are morose and stick to mother.

Carbo vegetabilis

If after application of Ant-t. the rattling and weakness continue and even increase; same is happening to cyanosis; the hand and feet of the patient become cold and so is the breath, Carb-v. is possible to help and improve the state of the patient.

Never Well Since…

Often after bronchitis had passed, people still are not feeling fit. They still experience the need to cough because there is still mucus left.

After some time had passed, the body still lacks energy. Then, there are two remedies for the period of convalescence.

Pulsatilla pratensis

Puls. is suitable for nervous, shy, sensitive children, affectionate and responsive. In after bronchitis cases, when the expectoration is bitter, leaving bad taste in the mouth, appetite is poor and the patient is very hungry for cold air, wants cool room or open air. However sometimes is difficult to distinguish Puls. from

Kalium sulphuricum

Kali-s. is remedy complementary to Puls. and in many cases will act where Puls. fails. Often the indications for Kali-s. are very similar to those for Puls.

Thorough knowledge of remedy pictures is essential for the successful treatment of bronchitis. The differences between the remedies are small and not so clear for an untrained eye; the ability to see and distinguish little details comes gradually over time and of course after respective training.