Homeopathic Treatment of Sore Throat and Tonsillitis

Homeopathic Treatment of Sore Throat and Tonsillitis

Sore throat can be dangerous with regards to probable complications of the infection and its extension to the lungs and possibly the heart. The condition is usually caused by Streptococcus strains; it affects the pharynx and tonsils. Commonly is known as ‘strep throat’.

The throat is very sensitive zone of human body, often subject of chronic conditions. Many people suffer from sensitive throat, together with chronic ill states in nose and ears, which repeatedly hit them usually during the cold months of the year.

When people had suffered in their childhood from frequent inflammation of tonsils, it had often led to their surgical removal. But even after such intervention, inflammations happen to take place again; only this time the disease goes deeper, affecting the trachea, bronchi and lungs, or going up to the ears and sinuses. The best treatment after surgical intervention is homeopathic, for it is mild and very sparing.

It is not a good idea to resort to surgery right away. The homeopathic treatment is mild and takes time but leads to stable results. Next sections of this article presents short pictures of some remedies for sore throat and inflamed tonsils.

Atropa belladonna

This remedy is very well known; and the plant it’s been made of is also widely used for natural healing since centuries.

As homeopathic remedy, Bell is fast. Symptoms always develop suddenly and unexpectedly. Many homeopaths apply Bell. mostly in children cases; but the remedy had proven to act on adults too, when it’s picture is clearly indicated. As the symptoms develop fast, the remedy responds also that fast and, when clearly indicated, may cure tonsillitis over night (or faster).

Patients are sensitive to light, to noise; irritable with sudden fits of anger; on sudden impulse they want to hit people, to bite them, to pull their hair.

So the beginning of the inflammation is sudden, with high temperature: violent attack, burning fever, throbbing pains, dryness. The head will be hot, the hands and feet will be cold. The look of Bell. patient will be typical: widened pupils, glistening eyes, bright red face. The tongue might be red, having “raspberry” look; the mucous membranes in the mouth will be scarlet red and dry. People will have strong desire for lemonade and lemons. Having that in mind you may think they’d be thirsty – not at all. Notwithstanding the fever, they will only desire some lemonade, and not always.

Pains in tonsils are burning, accompanied by constant desire to swallow. Only, when swallowing the pains get worse; and they have sensation as if the throat is tight and there is no place for swallowing of solid food – only of fluids and saliva.

Bell. is right sided remedy; often symptoms are worse on the right side of the throat, but that is not rule. It happens so, that Bell. is indicated when both sides are affected; that’s why it’s important to look for the other symptoms and to get clear picture of the remedy – then it will help, even when the right side is not worse than the left one.

Lycopodium clavatum

This is very important homeopathic remedy. It is often indicated in cases of throat inflammation. In most of those cases it will surely help; however constant and durable effect may be expected only when Lyc. is constitutionally indicated to the particular person. That means Lyc. will be indicated mostly in chronic cases of tonsillitis, than in acute conditions.

Lyc. is remedy for insecure people. They have great internal feeling of incapability to grasp situation or to manage to do something. While trying to hide and to compensate this feeling of incapability, before the others they will act as if it’s on the contrary; they would demonstrate great self-confidence where in fact there is non-confidence, and would speak with an air of might in their voices. Very often Lyc people would occupy important positions in society – doctors, lawyers, state officials.

The pains will be worse on the right or will go from right to left. Tonsils will be swollen, often suppurating. They may have sensation as if a ball is claiming up into their throat. When drinking cold drinks, their pains are getting worse. But there are cases when we observe the opposite – pains ameliorate by cold and aggravate from warm drinks.

Lachesis mutus

One of the biggest and frequently used remedies in cases of throat inflammation is Lachesis (Lach.). These people are really over stimulated and feel they must outburst this. Everything about them is intense. Warm-blooded and very lively, they are talkative and possessive. Like this intensiveness in the mind and emotions, is the attack upon their throat. Like Lyc., Lach. is also a remedy for chronic, recurrent cases of tonsillitis.

The entire throat will be dark-red or even purple. Throat will be extremely sensitive, even to the slightest touch from the outside; unbearable will be for them to wear clothes around the neck, even soft ones. They may feel as if throat is strangulated; or to feel as if they had fish bone or ball in the throat. Suppuration on the tonsils is very probable. Pains may irradiate towards the ears.

Pains are intense, worse when swallow only saliva and better from hot drinks. Unlike Bell patients, Lach. people would feel relief from the pain when swallowing solid food. They’d feel worse after waking from sleep.

Mercurius vivus

Merc is another highly effective remedy in chronic cases of tonsillitis, indicated in uneasy, extremely sensitive people; people who get worse from everything: warmth, cold, from outside, from inside, from wet weather, from physical efforts, from food… They have no strength for defense, no ability to adapt; they are so unstable, even to minor changes in temperature – say they’re feeling hot and right after that they’re freezing to bone – and they really feel that way. For prescription of this remedy is needed observation of the entire person and indication for Merc. on all levels.

They’ll have very bad odor from the mouth, together with increased salivation, especially during sleep. Throat is dry, the tonsils are yellowish-reddish. Patients will have constant disposition to swallow; but unlike Lyc, Lach and Bell the swallowing causes greater pains and in no way ameliorates, even when they swallow only saliva.

In almost all cases of Merc. we observe suppuration and ulceration of tonsils. Tonsils may be covered by thick false membranes or by separate white spots of pus. The tongue will look dirty, covered by thick yellowish or white mucous and relaxed, bearing prints from the teeth on its sides. The lymph nodes on the neck may be enlarged. Patients feel strong thirst for cold drinks and perspire profusely at night with no relief.

Phytolacca decandra

Main indications for Phyt. in throat inflammation cases are the shooting pains that extend from throat towards the ears, when patient is swallowing. Patient feels pain in the root of the tongue, which makes very difficult opening of the mouth and sticking out (showing) the tongue. Sometimes the tip of tongue is fiery red. The color of throat is dark red, even bluish red and patients feel strong pains on swallowing – so much that they can’t swallow anything hot (unlike Lyc.). Tonsils are enlarged, ulcerated, especially the right one. Patients feel general weekness.

These people are very sensitive to pain, even weary from life, when in pain. They aggravate in cold wet weather, at night, at motion. They will probably have pursuing deep pains in bones at night. Desire warm drinks but aggravate from them.

Hepar sulphur

This remedy has marked sensation of a fish bone or stick in the throat (like Apis). Pains in tonsils are pulsating, tonsils are enlarged. People feel stinging pains in the ears when swallowing. Drinking warm drinks ameliorates pains on swallowing (unlike Phyt).

These people are oversensitive to the pains; suffer too much and are constantly complaining, even when the case is not so serious. Hep. is very irritable patient, even rude, very chilly, intolerant to the slight movements of air, and to the least uncovering. They get sick in dry cold air, by being on a draft. The tonsils suppurate and the suppuration lasts for long.

When prescribed in lower potencies, Hep. will suppress the suppuration. In potencies above 30C the remedy stimulates it. That’s why prescription of Hep. should be well thought of.