Homeopathy for Acute Summer Diarrhea

Homeopathy for Acute Summer Diarrhea

Veratrum album

Often the case requires Verat when Arsenicum had failed. This is because many homeopaths, considering Ars to be the most probable remedy in diarrhea and vomiting, prescribe it automatically. However the two remedies are quite distinguished from one another. In Verat case we observe gushes of large quantities of fluids. Often the tenesmus to vomit and the call for diarrhea are at the same time, as is in Ars case, but in Verat. is even more pronounced. The quantity of fluid lost is considerable and the exhaustion of patients is visible. The stool is more often odorless; and soon after stool the patient is close to fainting. The patients are always icy cold and look bluish; covered in sweat – all these symptoms also presented as in Carb-v. The difference is in the quantity of lost fluids plus the perspiration in spite of all that. The sweat is cold but not quite as clammy as in Carb-v. The sweat is all over the body in Verat, whereas in Carb-v it is mostly on the face, hands and feet. High potency of Verat, in few dozes, should remove completely the disease.

Camphora officinalis

When the disease has progressed to state of collapse, but on enquiring you discover that symptoms were similar to Ars, Camph may help. There had been alternating waves of heat and cold during the acute stage. In that late stage of the disease, the patient is icy cold to touch, although he complains of burning internally. He wants to be uncovered in spite of the external coldness, because of the burning heat internally. The skin is dry. There is constant tenesmus, small dark stools, and the patient is on the point of collapse, pulse rate increasing, and face color becoming grayish-blue. These patients should respond very well to Camph, in high potency. They warm up very quickly, and when warm they can be covered up; while the surface of the body is cold they are much more comfortable uncovered.

Cuprum metallicum

Cuprum is another remedy that shows good result in treatment of diarrhea and vomiting. Again we monitor profuse discharges from both the stomach and the bowel. The affected person feels very chilly and has a dull appearance, with blueness round the finger nails; but unlike Camph, in spite of the chilliness, he wants to be covered up. Cuprum is frequently presented by some convulsive movements of the patient – it is great remedy for cramps, spasms and convulsions. The gastrointestinal case is not an exception and the observer may notice slight jerking of the muscles, jerking of an arm or jerking of a leg. The skin is moist, and the disease is accompanied by violent cramping abdominal pains. During stool the patient may suffer from cramps in the gluteal muscles at the buttocks; also may get cramps in the calves of the legs and spasms of the hands, where the thumb flexes inside the fingers.

Lycopodium clavatum

In food poisoning caused by meal of oysters, Lyc is a specific and well presented remedy, frequently indicated. The patients suffer from frequent eructation, accompanied by vomiting, and bringing no relief. The abdomen is felt distended, with lots of rumbling noises inside before the diarrhea comes on, and then the most violent, liquid stool. Usually this picture is seen in people who are habitually constipated. The disease begins with flatulence, distension, rumbling and colic pains. The first stools that were passed were rather lumpy and hard, and the later ones were liquid and accompanied by passing of much flatus. The patient feels better from hot drinks, which partially remove the flatulence. Another thing that ameliorates the distension are hot external applications on the abdomen (like Ars). Lycopodium tends to be anxious, but is much more miserable and depressed compared to Ars.

Phosphoricum acidum

This remedy has copious, watery diarrhea, which is almost painless. It just gushes out and leads to involuntary stool. The urging is unbearable, and the stool is almost odorless. This is the interesting point, which almost certainly marks the need of Phos-ac. Patients seem unaffected by their diarrhea. It is painless and watery, very urgent and uncontrollable. It may be accompanied by a certain amount of flatus, which is odorless. The intestinal disturbance is usually caused by eating ice cream or sour fruit, or being chilled, or after a period of stress. Phos-ac is a remedy that helps with diarrhea from anticipation of an event or a fear. Vomiting is very rare symptom.