Homeopathy for Erectile Dysfunction

This article provides information about preconditions, causes and possible homeopathic treatment of impotence. It is first from the series for sexually based problems and sexually transmitted diseases.

Causes for ED

The sexual intercourse challenges a woman in a different way than it does a man. Having more or less passive role (predisposed by her anatomical structure), she needs from man to make his body ready in order to unite with her. Looking on the intimate contact from this point of view, the man bears greater responsibility than her for the actual happening of the sexual act; for without being able to physically prepare his body, the act could not be performed and both parties would suffer.

Of course there is much that a woman can do. But there is hardly a woman on this earth who can truly understand a man’s feelings in such moments. Feelings of power, and of weakness; of boldness, and of uncertainty; women could only guess what men must be feeling, especially in times when their body betrays them, due to illness or emotions.

The ability of a man to perform intimate contacts is extremely delicate subject. If the problem occurs more than once, men begin to feel as if they failed. Most of them have strong indisposition to talk about their problem with another person, even if the latter were physician, psychotherapist or sexologist.

The impotence is complete or temporary loss of ability for effective erectile function.  Generally there are two groups of reasons for this dysfunction.

Physical State & Bad Habits

Impotence may occur after carried sexually transmitted disease (STD). Or it was predisposed by certain chronic diseases.

The erectile dysfunction is frequently caused by diabetes, high blood pressure, alcoholism or drug additions, heart affections or venereal diseases. It can also be result of physical rudimentary like small or deformed sexual organs.

The way of life is essential for normal sexual functioning. The quality of food, physical activity and rest in the right proportions do make a difference.

The frequent masturbation and the sexual excesses lead to weakenning of the system and to disrupted erectile function.

Nervous Impotence

Sometimes the ED is referred to as ‘nervous impotence’. These are the moments when the ED is temporary result from strong emotions like fear, grief, excessive joy, anticipation, anxiety, engagements and so on. The mind plays crucial part in the sexual relations; especially for the arising of the desire and the ability to become intimate with another person.

Men feel additionally suppressed by the fear of being laughed at; also by comparing their powers to those of other men of their acquaintance.

Within the emotional causes for ED must be mentioned the love between the partners. It happen so, that couples who have long history together with time begin to lose the sparkle between them. The problems of the daily routine, the quarrels, the finances or the upbringing of children could lead with time to development of a dislike in one of the partners towards the other.

One should first find out for himself, if the circumstances in his life are such to premise reluctance or even inability for intimate contacts.

Homeopathic Treatment

Impotence is highly disputable topic throughout the internet. Too many sites offer stimulants for ‘male enhancement’. Men have to know that such preparations in fact disrupt the erectile function additionally and obstruct their way to cure. The drugs offered to ‘boost’ sexual power are distinctly harmful. Their effect is only temporary and what is more, those drugs have evil influence on the organism.

The treatment of the underlying disease is essential for reinstating the ability for normal erection. Homeopathy provides excellent means for such treatment, giving best chances for recovery of the entire organism.

Homeopathic remedies work fast in cases of nervous impotence and lead to stable results. So do the Bach flowers. Next article begins exposure of the major homeopathic and Bach remedies, and the tissue salts prescribed for erectile dysfunction.