Homeopathy for Nephritis

Homeopathy for Nephritis

The acute urinary infection is one of the most unpleasant inflammations, happening to both men and women. It is also a dangerous infection for the kidneys play essential role in the organism, keeping the homestasis.

The first manifestation of urinary inflammation occur in the outer (peripheral) urinary organs; symptoms of discomfort, burning pain in the urethra, frequent urging to urinate are the most common initial signs.

The allopathic treatment of urinary inflammation is suppressive. Due to antibiotics and chemotherapeutics the development of bacteria is suppressed; the discomfort disappears and patients think they are cured. But the bacteria that cause urinary infections (usually, but not always, Escherichia coli) are very stubborn and resistant to common allopathic medications; and in most of the cases the symptoms recur – because the disease was not addressed in holistic manner. When the suppressive treatment is repeatedly applied, the infection penetrates deeper in the urinary system, attaining significance and affecting more important organs in a more prominent, chronic character.

Brief Description of Urinary Organs

The kidneys are located on either side of the lumbar part of the spine, below the last ribs. Small channel, called ureter, leads the secreted urine from each kidney to the bladder. The bladder is located in the lower abdomen, above and before the lower part of the rectum. In bladder is collected the urine. From the bladder urine is evacuated from the body through thin passage called urethra.

Manifestation of the Disease | Prognosis for Recovery

The symptoms of acute kidney inflammation are unforgettable, once experienced at own account. People feel pain a little above their waist in the back, above the sacrum. The pains are usually dull, extending to the entire area between hips and short ribs. Sometimes pans are shooting, down to the thighs. The entire region is painful, worse from motion, and from lying on the affected side.

Occasionally there is also nausea, vomiting, cramping pain, especially when urine is suppressed. Urine is possible to be diminished, even absent. Urination is accompanied by burning pain. In severe inflammation urine is mixed with blood and pus. The fever is high, possibly with violent chills, or has paroxysmal character. The area of kidneys is hot and burning.

Men suffer greater pains than women during acute nephritis, because the prostate gland also becomes affected. The testicles are drawn up; the thigh on the side of the inflamed kidney may become numb.

The prognosis from the point of view of allopathic treatment is for at least 15 days time; treatment is with antibiotics and strong analgesics for the pains, which could be difficult to bear.

With proper homeopathic treatment the acute nephritis is completely cured for half of that time, even for 3-4 days in uncomplicated cases. Pains diminish vastly at the end of the first day and disappear entirely after the second day.

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