Homeopathy Works

Homeopathy Works


Some of the absurds about Homeopathy are the notions that it sometimes works and sometimes it doesn’t, or that it is based only on placebo effect. Many articles on the web disseminate those affirmations, which however are not supported by any logical motivation or prove. Therefore the purpose of those statements could be no other than to bring Homeopathy into discredit.

The reason Homeopathy works lies in the unalterable principle of similarity. When the pathology picture of a homeopathic remedy is closely similar to the picture of the disease symptoms in given person, that same remedy will cure the disease.

The fundamental principle of Homeopathy is ‘Similia Similibus Curantur’. What is the meaning behind it?

Common Chemical Medications

Allopathic medications are elaborated by experiments made in an isolated environment and not on people. In fact official medicine declares experiments on people as a crime. The allopathic drugs are always designated to fight against particular complaints. Their purpose is to operate against certain malfunction on a physical level in human organism. So does the allopathic drug heal? Hardly. It simply acts against the symptom, causing its oppression for a certain period of time, while the chemical substance of the drug exhausts its effect. Amelioration lasts for a short time, then the indisposition or the pain comes back. Then you need more of that (or another) drug to continue the oppression, because without it the complaints don’t fade and even go worse. This is the yo-yo effect of allopathic medicine – the more you take the drug, the more from it you need. And we were not even mentioned the side effects of the drug on human organism. Let’s not forget also that the allopathic medications are of many different kinds, and there are really dangerous for human health developments with long lasting devostating effect, especially on children’s health. The word is about the vaccines. It is not wonder that humanity is progressing to more and more morbid state. Official medicine claims to be more developed today than ever it had been back in time, but it still fails in its attempts to cure people. The stats of the WHO are eloquent enough.

Homeopathic Remedies

Homeopathic remedies, on the contrary, are not chemical substances. They are prepared from natural sources – plants, animals or minerals – while small group among them is made from pathologically altered tissues on human organism. Before given remedy is approved for homeopathic usage, it had been voluntarily tested by healthy people. This is the so called homeopathic proving. All morbid symptoms – physical, emotional and mental – experienced by the provers in the testing period, consist the morbid picture of the respective remedy.

When the picture of the disease is similar to the symptoms revealed during the proving of a certain remedy, this remedy can and will cure that disease. This is the true meaning of the remedy being homeopathic – its ability to cause ill symptoms, similar to the ill symptoms experienced by the sick person.

It happen sometimes that the remedy is not working on cetain person. The reason for that is not a gap into the law of similaryty. Not always the remedy is chosen correctly. The problem is into the homeopaths, not into the Homeopathy. The law of similarity is like the law of gravity. It always works.

Holistic Medicine 

It is broadly known that Homeopathy treats the entire person, not just the symptoms. That is why Homeopathy is considered to be holistic medicine.

wholeWhen healthy, human organism is in a state of balance. That means all three levels of you as human being are in good state and functioning properly. I refer to the physical level (human body), the emotional level (human feelings and spirit) and the mental level (human mind). They are dependable from one another in different degree, superiority and consecutiveness. The higher level is the mind, followed by emotions in the middle and body at the ground. A distress in each of three spheres impacts the entire person. Each sphere is important.

When all these levels are balanced, you feel good, are jolly, calm, and happy. You don’t feel discomfort anywhere. You feel your body full with vital power. When something is hurting, then you feel the pain in the affected part and only then you pay attention to that part.

If for some reason your emotional sphere is affected, you may feel sad, even depressed. If that state continues long enough, you may start to feel physical discomfort – headaches, fatigue, or easier pliability to distress in the gastrointestinal system. Perhaps in your heart you’ll sense that your physical problems have something to do with your emotional vulnerability. But when you search medical assistance, your doctors are not interested on that. Even if they knew, they would treat only the physical symptoms, simply because they don’t know better. As for the emotions, you’d be advised to see psychotherapist or psychiatrist. As always, the medical machine would act smoothly but separately – each problem to respective ‘specialist’.

The usual result is that the acute symptoms are suppressed and on physical level you’ll be back on your feet. Still, you’ve not being treated as a whole person. The reason for your discomfort was not addressed and the disease will come back.

The homeopathic approach it diametrically different. It is based on the symptoms that you experience, it is correct. But the homeopath will take into account all symptoms – not only those on the physical level. The homeopathic remedy will be similar to the entire picture of your condition. That’s why it will cure.