Homeopathy | Urinary Retention in Children

Homeopathy | Urinary Retention in Children

This article follows the string about urinary retention, with focus on cases of children. Here are presented few remedies which successfully will bring relief from the acute stage of this disorder. The aftereffects should be treated constitutionally.

Children are very sensitive to external stimuli. Whether it comes to environment or climate conditions, emotional stress, strong fright or excessive joy, overplay in the park or envy with the little brother or sister and so on; but the impact on the delicate little organism might be severe. Especially with the uro-genital system the consequences should not be underestimated.

The little children often will not be able to tell what or whether it hurts, how and when the pains appear, is there a burning at the beginning or at the end of urination etc. This is the biggest trap before the accurate treatment. Moreover, in some cases the child will not be able to pass urine at all. Some of the children will scream before passing urine, others will tell they have no urge to go to the toilet. It is possible that the quantity of fluids they drink doesn’t change during the day but there is only but little micturition.

Hence the children should be carefully observed by their parents, teachers and nurses, and all adults nearby, in order to catch the little deviations in child’s behavior which often directs us to notice that something is going wrong. The other important point is related to the circumstances, events or accidents during the previous few days.

Camphora officinalis | Fear & Spasms

This remedy is indicated in the very beginning of the urine retention disorder. However, before looking for specific symptoms in the case, we should bear in mind the nature and the character of the respective child.

Camphora is apt to children who are afraid from the dark, and especially when are put to sleep alone in the bed. They cannot stand lying alone, without light; they cannot fall asleep, they cry and want to rise from the bed, and go to parents’ bed. They are nervous, sensitive children, tall and vivid, imaginative children. Their nervous system is unstable; they are prone to spasms with icy coldness of limbs; tics, convulsions. All ailments appear after taking cold, staying on draft, mental shock or inattention from behalf of the parents.

Excessively sensitive, they react with disease to cold open air, and to damp cold environment. The body becomes cold, face is pale; the child is prostrated, and reacts painfully to the slightest touch. Although chilly, these children will kick out all coverings, and will desire to drink cold water. They frequently suffer from gastrointestinal disorders with sudden attacks of vomiting and diarrhea, and severe chill.

The urinary retention is manifested by frequent desire to urinate but diminished ability of the bladder, possibly caused by a spasm, which consequently results in slowly passing of urine. There might be long lasting ineffectual attempts to pass water, and then involuntary urination. The child shows signs of pain during the urination, may even cry before it starts; the urine is hot and burning, passing in thin feeble stream, or dribbling.

Camphora’s action is short lasting and yet rapid. The remedy will interrupt the stricture of urinary passages and restore normal condition almost immediately, after the first doze. Even lower potencies act fast.

Aconitum napellus | Dry Cold & Restlessness

This is another fast acting remedy, very short in the action of a single doze, and yet very powerful. Aconitum is indicated quite frequently in children cases, and often appears to be the only remedy needed; for it interrupts the development of the acute diseases and restores the normal state of the child even after a single doze.

All types of children may occasionally need Aconitum. It is a remedy for consequences from fright, stress, exposure to dry cold wind, wetting the feet in cold water. It’s mental and emotional pattern is quite peculiar and hence easy to recognize. Namely, there is great anxiety, restlessness, fear of death; afraid to cross the street, afraid to go amongst other children; the restlessness and the fear are inconsolable; the child tosses around.

Aconitum is of invaluable help in cases of urinary retention in newborn infants. With the elder children we observe constant and anxious urging to urinate but the urine passes in drops. The child grabs the genitals with its hands and shrieks. During micturition there is burning, the urine is hot, and there is a must to rise at least once per night, after midnight. The retention occurs after taking cold, and the children cry a lot.

The remedy works best in high potencies, bringing almost immediate relief. If the case is very recent, one repetition will be enough to finish the cure.