Juniperus Communis Essential Oil

Juniperus Communis Essential Oil

The Plant

Juniperus communis, or commonly named Juniper, is a tree or a bush, known to grow on Earth from about 50 million years. Evergreen, having the look of a small cypress, Juniper is long-lived plant, which endures from 600 to 3000 years when the environment is favorable. The tree has green and black fruits at the same time.

For centuries Juniper bushes is known for its healing characteristics; it is applicable for skin problems, tuberculosis, asthma, migraine; the plant has relaxing effect on the nervous system.


The essential oil is manufactured by distillation of the fresh black fruits. The oil is transparent, liquid and colorless, with light green touch. The essence of Juniper is reminding of pine, and of camphor.

Medicinal use of the Juniper Oil

The essential oil from Juniper has beneficial action in rheumatic conditions, accompanied by pains in joints. It is also known to have purgative, diuretic, antiseptic, anti-flatulent, appetite stimulating, provoking perspiration and vitalizing action. Juniper oils helps for varicose veins, headache, cystitis.

Cosmetic Use

Juniper oil helps with greasy hair, eczema, dandruff.

Juniper oil has salutary effect in cases of mental exertion, sleeplessness, anxiety and emotional collapse.