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Following the previous article, this one continues the exposure on the mental-emotional pattern of Magnesium muriaticum, as homeopathic remedy.

Forsaken Feeling in Children

The relations between parents have response in their children. For some children the echo from patents fights is more serious than for others. When the couple is experiencing troubles and this begins to interfere with their child’s health, there comes the need of Mag-m.

These children are afraid from losing their mother. They have greater need of her love and attention. Sometimes the mother is irritable or makes reprimands towards the child too often. The child comes to thing that it is constantly doing things wrong, and develops the feeling it’s not loved by the mother.

When such situation is combined with conflicts between parents, the fear and the forsaken feelings deepens in the child – but there is also anger from being in such situation. Because the child is afraid from a divorce, and tries to make everything possible to make peace between its parents, it begins to suppress its natural anger, in order not to become the reason for parting the parents.

The grand need from safe home and unconditional mother’s love and care in these children, opposed to the constant threat of impending divorce – this leads to suppressed anger and causes serious illness of the early childhood.

This is the major causative factor for the pathology of Mag-m in children – suppressed anger as result from quarrels between parents.

The suppressed feelings of anger and fear lead to continuous condition of anxiety and sour disposition. If not treated, the children keep this disposition when they grow up. And that is already a basis for falling into depressive states, or even maniacal disorders.

Need for Attention

When they have lost their safe feeling, Mag-m children try in anyways to regain it. Their need of attention intensifies and extends to a  monstrous extent. They are capable to do whatever it takes in order to be cared and tended by their mother. Her attention must be fixed upon the child all the time; the means are constant whimpering, hysterical attacks, forbidden actions, shrieking, etc.

Cross and Obstinate

The children are grumpy on waking. Their fears appear in their dreams – fear of being abandoned, of being lost. They have problems with going asleep.

They are stubborn and obstinate, opposing everything parents want from them. Frequently nibble different stuff. Very restless, especially in bed, they constantly change position in their sleep; scream, start, weep, moan during sleep.

Anxiety & Sleep Disorders

What is valid for children is also true for adults who’d been through similar challenges in their childhood. Mag-m people are pacifiers out of necessity. They just have no other choice; they are not cowards.

Deeply introverted, with not so many friends, lonely, they feel deep anxiety when facing conflicts between their acquaintances (not that they have much).

Mag-m individual is very anxious, especially evening in bed, on closing eyes, at night, while at home, when reading. The toughest time for him is the night. All complaints of Mag-m aggravate at night, around 1 and around 3 o’clock.

The anxiety is stronger in bed on closing eyes. In his lectures on homeopathic Materia Medica Dr J.T. Kent speaks about great restlessness in bed leading to desire to throw out the blankets, or to take a deep breath, or just to do something.

Mag-m is remedy for people who go to bed but fall asleep too late. All their worries come up when they lie down and close their eyes; sleepless till the early hours of the morning and very restless; or fall asleep and wake up little after midnight.

Their sleep is very tense, uneasy, unrefreshing; they get up more tired than have been last night, in bad mood, confused and unable to work.

Exhausted & Miserable

Following these thoughts, it’s no wonder that Mag-m is amongst major homeopathic remedies for a condition called chronic fatigue syndrome. The patients suffer from general weakness and even fainting. In the morning they are so very tired, feeling as if they’d grown old for one night.

Old and tired they feel, and they look just the same. Their face looks old, wrinkled on the cheeks and forehead, having troubled fold between the eyebrows.

They think life is unfair; they feel like this and have the respective expression of the face. Suffer from the deep inner conviction that they beloved people don’t love them; feel they have no friends.

Despondent, quiet, mild, trying not to draw attention to themselves, having strongly developed feeling of responsibility – this is how Mag-m can be recognized in the society.

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