Major Homeopathic Remedies for Fear | Part Three

Major Homeopathic Remedies for Fear | Part Three

Graphites | Black Lead

Dr D. Grandgeorge, in his book “The Spirit of Homeopathic Medicines”, places the following curious quotation under the remedy’s name: “I could have been a diamond.”

Indeed the carbon has several allotropic forms, of which best known are the graphite and the diamond. Both allotropes’ lattice contains only carbon atoms, which bond together in a different ways. Difference in bonding leads to diametrically opposite characteristics of these two carbon forms: the diamond is transparent, hard and has poor conductivity while the graphite is black, very soft and its conductivity is high.

The homeopathic remedy was prepared by purest plumbago obtained by finest English graphite with 4 % content of iron and 96 % – of carbon. Graphites has affinity to the nutrition of tissues, skin and circulation mostly; it also has action upon mucous membranes, glands and eyes.

Graphites is a remedy for chronic complaints. Sadness and despondency are its most marked mental states.

Causation: grief, fear, overlifting

Graphites has profound action on the skin, which has unhealthy look and if injured suppurates instead of heal. Lots of eruptions on the skin and on the genitalia; moist, crusty and itching to intolerable extent; the eruptions discharge thick, yellow, sticky secretion which dries into golden crystals.

Many thickenings of the skin with formations of fissures and cracks are observed, and especially between the toes, on the fingers and in general where the skin is adjoined with mucous membranes: in the corners of mouth, nose, anus.

When such skin problems are seen together with overweight and constipation, Graphites is the most probable remedy;  especially if the apprehensive mental picture is also present.

Graphites is important homeopathic remedy for women in climax. It is more often prescribed to elder patients; though it has its place in pediatrics.

Fear Related Symptoms

People have fear from doctors, and are full of anticipations. One of their presentiments is of impending death. Most of their diseases are caused by prolonged anticipation and fright. These people are so easily frightened, especially on waking, or from a dream. They have many fears – causeless fears, or fear of death, misfortune, suffocation, thunderstorm, insanity, business, failure, evil, etc.

They are full of fears in the morning, and in the evening in bed; it makes them weep often, and weeping helps them to feel much better. They suffer from weakness of memory and difficult concentration – again in the mornings; are very anxious about the future. The anxiety drives them out of bed. It is strong in the evening; but most pronounced anxiety is in the morning on waking.

Typical Graphites patient is timid, with low self confidence, full of doubts and irresolute; painfully shy.

Often Graphites helps in conditions of heavy depression with much weeping and thoughts of death.


Graphites is found curative for many chronic diseases: acne, amenorrhea, blepharitis, induration of breasts, cancer, chaps, chlorosis, constipation, deafness, eczema, erysipelas, erythema, fissures, glandular swellings, herpes, hydrocele, leucorrhea, obesity, ovarian tumors, psoriasis, syphilis, trichinosis, tumors, effects of vaccination, etc.


Aspen and Mimulus essences can contribute favorably to the treatment with Graphites – see the section of Causticum – Bach for links to respective flower remedy.

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