Major Homeopathic Remedies for Fear | Part Three

Major Homeopathic Remedies for Fear | Part Three

ignatiaIgnatia amara | St Ignatius Bean

Ignatia is valuable mostly in acute cases, having substantial influence on the mind and emotions. In mental sphere are produced most of the key symptoms of the remedy.

It is considered to be main remedy for consequences from recent grief. Also it is prescribed for cases of hysteria. However Ignatia isn’t just a remedy for grief and hysteria. It has its own unique mental-emotional pattern. Ignatia cures many physical morbid states, especially where this pattern is present.

The most prominent symptom if Ignatia is the incredible change of mood with quickly alternating states. The remedy will cure condition of hysteria with uncontrollable laughter and outbursts of tears happening almost at the same time.

The state of mind is worrying, introverted, nervous, sensitive, impressionable. The strong emotions cause troubles with respiration.

Causation: grief, fright, worry, disappointed love, jealousy, old injuries of spine

There many contradictions about the mental-emotional disposition of Ignatia.

Quiet, serious, melancholic people with sad thoughts, frequently sighing and moaning; they emanate concentrated sorrow. They are irresolute, and anxious about doing this, or that.

Or they are impatient, nervous, intolerant of noise, with morose black discontented humor; sometimes reaching state of effrontery.

Other times you see an individual having strong disposition to be frightened, tender and conscientious, with laconic speech, love of solitude and inclination to silent grief.

There is one word describing Ignatia mental condition; and namely this is ‘inconstancy’. Changeable mood with jesting and laughing, changing to sadness, with shedding of tears (hysteria) and despair about recovery; fearful, timid, crying at least provocation; full of disappointments, suffering from jealousy and fears; that is Ignatia.

Fear Related Symptoms

Ignatia individuals are very anxious at night, and anxious from feeling of guilt. They get frightened easily; after fright they may develop constant anxiety. If not treated, the experienced fear may lead to anorexia.

Ladies are anxious during their monthly cycle, and feel angry too. They feel fears all the time, till the leak stops.

Ignatia fears of approaching of others, of impending incurable disease; of doctors and death, especially on waking in the morning or from afternoon sleep; fear from insanity, after fright.

Marked fear of Ignatia is that robbers will enter the house at night; they wake in bed, feeling afraid and don’t fall asleep again.


As said above, the diseases cured by Ignatia are many. However, they were not long seated. The remedy has short action and should be repeated at 4 hours in acute cases.

Some of the ailments are: amenorrhea, anorexia, anxiety, appetite disorders, weakness in the back, chorea, convulsions, croup, difficult dentition, depression, diphtheria, disappointment, epilepsy, esophagus disorders, fainting in young girls, effects of fright and grief, headaches, hysteria, melancholia, sleep disorders, spinal irritation, tenesmus, sore throat, toothache, tremors, affections of voice.


Rock rose is the best Bach essence for the Ignatia type of fears, and in general to its disposition.