Natural and Homeopathic Cure For Worms in Children

This article presents the adequate homeopathic and natural treatments of worms. They lead to stable results and prevent the secondary reproduction of the parasites in the intestines of children.


Conventional Treatment of Worms

The ordinary conventional methods of the official medicine, which are applied for tratment of children (and adults), diagnosed with intestinal worms, are in their essence emetics, which remove the worms from the stomach and bowels. However in clinical practice it is evident that soon after that simple method of ‘cure’, the worms return into the system of the affected child. Again the answer of conventional medicine is to remove them and thus the circle is closed with no durable results.

The reason worms grow in the organism is essential for their cure. As in all diseases, this one is not an exception. Worms grow only when there is suitable condition for them to thrive, otherwise they cannot.

Chemical medicines that expel worms affect the abdomen in such a manner that the consequences appear many years after. In all cases it is to be considered whether worms are sign of afore lying disease; for most of the symptoms attributed to worms arise in fact from some general disease in the gastrointestinal system. If that disease is not treated, the real problem will not be solved by expelling the worms and furthermore, the health of the child will be dangerously affected.

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