Natural and Homeopathic Cure For Worms in Children

Natural and Homeopathic Cure For Worms in Children

Treatment | Biochemical Salts

The healing process should be held steadily. The homeopathic treatment should be conducted for over a month.

There is no ideal time scheme for the leading homeopathic remedy. The amelioration of symptoms is our best guide for the repetition of the remedies. The more the symptoms retreat (the oldest symptoms last, the newest – first), the less we give the remedy.

The most important Schuessler salt for treatment of worms is Natrium phosphoricum. It destroys the excess of lactic acid, which is the main cause for development of threadworms. Symptoms for Nat-phos are the acidity, pain in the bowels, picking of nose, itching of the anus, restless sleep or grinding of the teeth at night in bed.

Nat-phos should be alternated with Kalium muriaticum for small white threadworms, and with Natrium muriaticum for roundworms. When there is indigested food expelled from the bowels and stomach and fever, include Ferrum phosphoricum.

Bellow you’ll see combination of tissue salts for worm treatment. It should be taken by the sick child for at least three weeks.

Natrium phosphoricum D6,
Kalium chloratum D6,
Calcarea fluorica D12,
Silicea D12

Each salt to be taken internally – 4 tablets two times a day.


Treatment | High Potentized Homeopathic Remedies

Cina maritima

Cina maritima

Cina Maritima

This is the most important remedy for treatment of worms in little children and infants. Usually prescribed in potency 200 C, Cina quickly acts and helps for expelling of the parasites.

Symptoms of Cina are remarkable – picture of the wormy child. The patient is cross, irritable, has a sickly pale face with dark rings about the eyes. The child grinds its teeth during sleep. It also picks or bores at the nose with its finger. The sleep is restless and attended by crying out. It has a tendency to convulsions. There could be canine hunger. There is jerking of the hands and feet.

Sometimes worms cause urinary infections and children suffer from involuntary passing of urine during sleep, wetting the bed. The urine may be milky.

Cina is most powerful for the elimination of roundworms. The remedy heals abdominal organs and tones up the abdominal ganglia so far that the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal secretion becomes normal. Thus the worms, no longer having a proper environment, die and are expelled.

Anti-Psoric Treatment

Calcarea carbonica

Calcarea carbonica

It is very important, after parasites are expelled, to treat the child with anti-psoric remedies. Such are Sulphur, Calcarea carbonica, Lycopodium clavatum.

After treatment with Cina, it is necessary to prescribe Sulphur to influence deeper levels of the affected child and truly restore its health. Where the tapeworm exists, Sulphur is peculiarly efficacious.

Week after application of Sulphur, a dose of Calc-carb 200 C will double the action of Cina. The remedy shall remove the excessive acid in gastrointestinal system and will improve the general condition of the child.

It is important to remember not to give Sulphur after Calc in those cases, as it doesn’t follow well and will confuse the case. If the remedies must be repeated, a dose of Lycopodium should be prescribed first. Then the above prescription may be repeated.

Calc-carb is a very important remedy for removing the disposition to worms.

Lyc might be the main remedy for worms, when there is much rumbling in the bowels and, in urinary infections, a presence of red sand in the urine.

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