Natural and Homeopathic Cure For Worms in Children

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Pumpkin seed is useful home remedy for worms
Pumpkin seed is useful home remedy for worms

Children who have worms should have enough to eat, but not too much bread, very little salt, and in particular, fair amounts of carrots. Raw food is best – vegetables, fruits (but not unripe!). Less meat and cheese and if possible, and minimum sweets in the menu will facilitate the healing process.

Good home remedy for worms is the raw pumpkin seed. Smash 200 grams and mix them with 1 tee-spoon bee honey; it should be given to the child three consecutive days before noon.

It is also possible to buy oil from pumpkin seed and give it to the child – 2 capsules from morning and evening, for 15 days.

Young cedar fruits are very beneficial. Two weeks course with them, together with as much as possible quantity of raw carrots will help to expel the parasites.

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