Oak | Bach Essence for Hard Workers

Oak | Bach Essence for Hard Workers

Oak is the essence for stable, loyal and perseverant people who fight constantly, relentlessly, unyieldingly their path through life. Working very hard and not making satisfying progress or gaining rewards, these people develop a tendency to stoicism and feats of willpower.

Latin: Quercus Pedunculata, Quercus robur

Today, as in the early 40-ties of the previous century, the simplicity of therapy with flower essences for healing is attractive to many people, worn out from spending money and efforts for complicated medicine treatments with doubtful effect. The harmlessness and efficiency of Bach remedies are reasons for us to seek flower essences for self healing.

For the preparation of Oak flower essence are used young red female flowers from one common kind of English oak – Quercus robur. This species combines male and female flowers on one and the same tree.

The remedy is prepared by the solar method. Edward Bach discovered it in 1933 and prepared it from oak trees in Wales.

Oak is one of the remedies for Despondency and Despair. The choice of each particular flower essence, including Oak’s, is determined by the emotional and psychic state of the person in mind.

Yin & Yang

It is so considered, that Oak essence manifests predominantly Yang energy, than Yin. And it is so thought by many people, that mostly men need this essence. But today there are also women with excess of Yang energy; the social roles of men and women are so mixed lately, it is only natural for energies to change balance. Therefore Oak is no male or female remedy. Anyone may need it.

Nobility & Stability

One can rely on such people. They are stable, loyal and perseverant. They fight constantly, relentlessly, unyieldingly their path through life. They never rest, until they are forced to do so by the disease. Strongly responsible, they undertake even duties which are not theirs to take.

Oak people are noble. They are generous, and real altruists. They will make so much for others but will never point this out. They are independent, having too much dignity; and will never tolerate the others to see their weakness. That is why, even in great sickness, Oak is always where he is needed.

Oak is the pillar of the family and supports it perseveringly. His entire life is one battle. Too severe to himself, he is working constantly, overtime, without rest. This causes total lack of flexibility on physical level. It is followed by complete exhaustion and break down.

Notwithstanding that, when Oak is hit by a disease, he never complains. On the contrary, Oak is frustrated and unhappy with his physical disturbances for they interfere with his work. The break downs he suffers from are sudden, and have psychological basis.

Oak doesn’t give in to treats; he cannot enjoy life. Never gives in to self-pity or discouragement. In his soul there is much despair and sadness. His internal voice never let him to stop and accept that sometimes there might be a defeat. He cannot bear such thought and goes till the very end. Oak essence helps those people to soften the voice of their internal judge.

Situations in Life Which May Call for Oak Essence

Soldiers been to war so long, now they can’t get used to peace.

Loss of loved people – either from death or parting. Long periods of intensive grief. Possibly followed by despair and periods of alcoholism.

Long periods of hardship, periods of overexertion, strain, stress; on the border of human limit, on the way to break down. Followed by complete exhaustion.

Physical Symptoms

This essence helps with following conditions: after abortion or miscarriage, for uterine purification; purification of liver and spleen; alcoholism; coronary heart disease; gastric and duodenal ulcers; tension headaches, complaints in back and neck, in chest, hypertension, diabetes mellitus, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, insomnia. Chronic fatigue.

Oak essence is great remedy for purification both on energy and physical levels. For more deep action see the picture of the homeopathic remedy from Oak – Quercus robur glandium spiritus.


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