Why Homeopathy

It’s safe

It’s efficient

It’s not expensive

It can be used from 0 months till 99 years of age

It cures the whole person

It is accessible to everyone

Homeopathic Tissue Salts

Homeopathic Tissue Salts

These are real people with their real stories

Wanna be like them? Try homeopathy!

  • D.I.

    Homeopathy cured me from tuberculosis of both lungs. Doctors were hesitant about my survival. I am alive now thanks to homeopathy.

    Danny I., 57 years old, male
  • B.M.

    My liver was afflicted by chronic hepatitis B and doctors said I must take exclusively expensive pills for life. The homeopathic remedy Carduus marianus cured me, though I did not believe it was possible.

    Bobby M., 63 years old, male
  • P.P.

    I was diagnosed with psoriasis. My entire body was covered with lessions. I was ashamed to put shorts. My skin was cracked, scaly, bleeding and looked terrible. Homeopathy cured me for nine months and my skin is now smooth and clean.

    Pet P., 42 years old, male


Pulmonary Phthisis | Case of Iodium

“Iodum comes from the Greek word for “violet.” In fact, this element gives off violet-colored vapors when it burns. Violet, a mixture of red and blue, is the incarnation of temperance, red representing impulsive force and blue the calm of the sea and the sky. Violet is the symbol of a spiritual transfusion; it is the color of submission and obedience. It is the passage from yang to yin. Iodum has forgotten temperance and is consumed in the flames of excess.”

Grandgeorge, The Spirit of Homeopathic Medicines

Continue Reading

Sweet-scented Balm for Restless Babies

This aromatic balsam can work really well when your baby is nervous and frustrated. It may be used independently or in combination with Bach or homeopathic treatment. The soft calming formula of tho essential oils mixed in base wheat germ oil immediately becomes a favorite relaxing tool because of its delightful scent and instant effect on both mother and baby. Continue Reading

Home Made Diaper Rash Marigold Lotion

This lotion works always and reliably sooths the irritated skin and calms down the baby. In most cases it is perfectly enough to solve the problem, without the need to resort to homeopathic remedy. The lotion contains only two ingredients and can be prepared by anyone at home for 14 days. Those who can’t wait or don’t want to bother can use some of the lotions offered in the stores.

Diaper rash is quite commonly observed in babies. It can be a sign of low hygiene but also of some malaise, bad effect from teething etc. Continue Reading



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